Trends Driving the Contact Center of the Future

In day four of our virtual summit we had really great discussions and heard a lot of what’s on the mind of contact center decision-makers, the changing nature of contact centers, where they are during this shift to remote work and building a contact center around remote agents, and what the future holds.


Challenges, Current Situation, and Next Phases

In our first session of the day, Zachary Taylor, Director Strategic Communication Cisco Contact Center, had an insightful discussion to find out  the  unique challenges faced by contact centers in transitioning to the cloud. Joining the remote contact center conversation was Cisco Contact Center VP/GM Omar Tawakol and two prominent analysts; Sheila McGee-Smith and Robin Gareiss. After their take on the current situation, they closed with what’s needed in the next phase including the importance of data, AI, and the need for a business continuity plan.

Significant Factors of Customer Experience and Upcoming PredictionsTop five predictions: The future of Customer Experience

Customer expectations, loyalty, AI and human touch will all be significant factors in the future of customer experiences, which was the topic of our second session of the day. Barbara Ferguson (Senior Product Marketing Manager, Cisco Contact Center) and Vinod Muthukrishnan (Chief Growth Officer, Cisco Contact Center) presented 5 predictions of where the market is heading and how companies can successfully meet them.

Empowering Remote Contact Center Agents

As companies shift to transform the customer experience into a differentiator, our last session explored the steps organizations are taking to empower remote contact center agents. We caught up with Zachary Taylor again as he discussed transforming customer experiences by leveraging AI, experience management, and collaboration software to directly impact business outcomes.

Future of Work Marathon Series — Day 5 Industry Analyst Panel

Please join us tomorrow for our final session, a discussion with industry analysts on their views of the future of work.

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