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Four Reasons to Use WebEx in 2012

December 27, 2011 - 3 Comments

You’ve heard about them, maybe you’ve even tried them: online meetings, video conferences, WebEx.

It’s a different (and we think better) way to have a meeting. You have to talk; it’s an important part of business. But you aren’t limited to just the telephone. Try a free online meeting with WebEx and see if it doesn’t make doing business easier, faster and a bit more fun.

Here’s why:

1. WebEx Mobile
It’s free! You can download the app and join someone else’s meeting with just a click. If you get the free trial or your own account, you can host meetings too. Meet on your mobile and you can get work done from anywhere.

2. WebEx Recordings
Sure you can record a teleconference, but there still aren’t any pictures. Record your WebEx and capture the screen sharing so you can see what you were talking about. You don’t have to get lost taking notes during the meeting, you can listen and participate and go back to the recording to capture the ideas. Or give the recording to team members who couldn’t make it and they can see and hear what they missed.

3. WebEx Channels
There’s a wealth of professional – and interesting – information at WebEx Channels: our content publishing arm of WebEx where you can publish your public WebEx information too! See Guy Kawasaki talk about social media strategy or Brian Dickenson at Mt Everest. Send us your product demos or compelling sales presos and use the WebEx Network as another part of our marketing strategy.

4. The New Cisco WebEx – coming this spring!
It’s coming! The newest version of WebEx and it will include a number of improvements and new features including Meeting Spaces – a great way to manage more than just your WebEx meeting.

Try something new in 2012 (it’s free): take a meeting online and see what you think!

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  1. I have been trying to decide between webex and another one for a while. I am leaning towrads webex and at $19 to start, I think it is worth it. I will subscribe to the free trial today.

  2. it is true that when it comes to innovation Cisco provides the foundation for real innovation and business transformation to their customers.And I’m looking forward for the other innovation that CISCO will give…two thumbs up CISCO!!!

  3. WebEx is very usefull for a perferct online conference.
    I’ll use it soon !