Enjoy a No-Compromise User Experience with Cisco Jabber 12.7

September 10, 2019 - 5 Comments

Keeping Up With User Expectations

IT departments today are well aware that the applications they provide to their users need to keep up with the latest trends – in terms of functionality, ease-of-use and design. In the era of mobile apps and shadow IT, the dangers of not keeping up are apparent. Your people and teams will seek out alternative apps that give them the functionality and user experiences they expect in order to be productive and get work done.

The management overhead of monitoring and policing the apps used in your organization becomes a strain, and the security and compliance risks are significant. And with groups of users potentially using different apps to do similar tasks – collaboration and productivity can suffer too.

That’s why, as we approach each new release of Cisco Jabber, we look at ways to add key new features and enhance every aspect of your Jabber experience.

Enjoy a No-Compromise User Experience with Cisco Jabber 12.7

With Cisco Jabber 12.7 we’ve created a contemporary new look for Jabber, giving your users a modern experience that they expect from their enterprise applications.

Welcome to the new Cisco Jabber. Click the image to watch the video:

Welcome to the new Cisco Jabber

The investment we have made in Jabber’s new, modern look brings it into alignment with other apps across the Cisco Collaboration portfolio.

You will see a truly common look and feel, with a common user interface design shared across Cisco Jabber, Webex Teams and UC-One. Having this alignment allows users to move seamlessly from one application to the other, so as your collaboration requirements evolve you can easily migrate from one to the other without significant user change management challenges.

Are you Modern or Classic?

As default, when starting with Jabber 12.7 you’ll be presented with the new contemporary design. We have called this new design the Jabber “Modern” view. If you’re familiar with Webex Teams things will look familiar with a single window experience. However you’ll very quickly notice that, although the interface been updated, Jabber has retained the all the features you have come to love and expect. Jabber maintains its contact list, chat, calling, voicemail and even custom tab.

Cisco Jabber 12.7 Modern View

Jabber 12.7 Modern view

Still a fan of the classic Jabber window layout or want to move your users to the modern view at a later time? No problem! The default operation of Jabber 12.7 starts with the new modern design providing a single window experience, but you can also choose the alternative “Classic” view. Classic view provides a dual window experience. One window is the classic hub; with a separate window for conversations. This classic design can be selected by the administrator at a system level or the individual use can choose – you’re in control.

Cisco Jabber 12.7 Classic view

Cisco Jabber 12.7 Classic view

Tempted by the Dark Side?

We didn’t just stop with the window design; the new Jabber gives users a choice of color schemes. Stick with the default light color scheme or change things up and enjoy the new dark and high contrast schemes.

There's More Than Meets the Eye

If you run Jabber in instant messaging only, phone- or full unified communications mode Jabber supports both Modern and Classic designs. Jabber in Team Messaging Mode is optimized for working in a single window, so the Modern view is the only available option.

There’s More Than Meets the Eye

The user interface design is not the only area where we have made significant enhancements. Jabber 12.7 also includes:

  • Multiline calling support for desk phone control and to virtualized environments with Jabber VDI. Users can be offered up to 8 lines
  • Desktop application sharing (BFCP). In addition to being able to share a whole monitor, you now choose a specific application to share – a popular request from our users and an added security and privacy measure
  • Enhanced visual voicemail. You can now create voicemails and also reply to voice messages from Jabber

Team Messaging Mode Enhancements

Finally, lets cover the updates to Team Messaging Mode in Jabber 12.7. Introduced at the end of last year, Team Messaging Mode allows you to provide the modern team messaging service available in Webex Teams to your Jabber users also. This modernizes the messaging experience for Jabber users, delivering additional capabilities like persistent messaging, enhanced file transfer with preview and spaces for team collaboration. Team Messaging Mode also acts as a bridge, enabling Jabber customers to start utilizing our Webex cloud collaboration platform, enabling mixed deployments of Webex Teams and Jabber in your organization.

With Jabber 12.7 Team Messaging Mode we have provided several new capabilities which allow you to

  • Share content directly from Microsoft OneDrive or Sharepoint Online
  • Quote message
  • Search for and communicate with BOT users


These additions demonstrate our continued commitment to Cisco Jabber, whether you are committed to continuing with on-premises unified communications or looking for a flexible solution as you make your first moves to cloud collaboration with Cisco Webex.

Talk to your account team to find out more about the new Cisco Jabber and download Jabber 12.7 to see the changes for yourself.

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  1. Since update to v12.6 the contacts list on the classic window is not easy to read because the drop downs for the goupnames are not highlighted like before. There is just a arrow small icon on the left which can easily be overseen. I hope in v12.7 this is solved better. In your screenshot above for the Mac such lines are in bold (e.g. "UE Team").

    • Hi Andreas,
      Jabber 12.7 introduced a redesigned user experience with a new choice of window layouts and color themes. You'll also be pleased to hear this update gave groups a bolder visual design as your requested.

  2. Hi. I am looking for the documentation such as the user guide and quick start guide for Cisco Jabber 12.7. We just upgraded to this version and would like to learn more about the new features and how to use them for users in our office.

    Thank you.

  3. You have discussed an interesting topic that everybody should know. Very well explained with examples.