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Driving Productivity with Collaboration

October 6, 2009 - 0 Comments

Truly productive collaboration means being able to interact quickly without boundaries – without being hampered by the need to change devices, launch new applications, or switch between screens. It’s long been recognised that business users don’t care about the technology – they merely want the assurance that they can go about their jobs efficiently and effectively. Whether they need to track down someone and discover their availability for contact, strike up an ad-hoc conversation (by phone, instant message, SMS, email, voicemail, tele-meeting, web conference or video session), or share content securely over a variety of networks, the process should be easy and uniform.

For optimal results, organisations need to free users from any restrictions, provided of course that the resulting collaboration environment is inherently and robustly secure – something that should be a given with the right technology partner. Innovative, high-performing collaboration applications strike straight at the heart of organisations’ fundamental needs to work more dynamically and interactively with partners and customers. Being slick and agile means being able to form and disband teams on the fly, provide timely access to relevant information, regardless of where people are located or which technologies are at their disposal.

By Tim Stone, Sales Business Development Manager

The need for effective collaboration has never been higher up the corporate agenda than today. Turbulent economic times and the growth of globalisation (by getting more out of the working day, and by raising customer service without raising costs), has coincided with optimal conditions technologically to propel the role of collaboration to the forefront of strategic decision-making.

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