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Discover the True Power of Recorded Calls

March 16, 2010 - 5 Comments

by John Hernandez, vice president and general manager, Cisco Customer Contact Business Unit

It’s important to capture conversations with customers, and simply recording those calls requires complex recording devices and massive amounts of expensive storage.  Then there is everything that needs to happen post-recording—sorting out calls that need scrutiny, and analyzing them for areas of improvement.

In the past, most of the resources, emphasis, and thought of a company about capturing calls went into developing or purchasing the upfront recording device. But what about the tools for employees who need to find and analyze these calls? What does all this massive data really say?

Here’s a suggestion for a new approach.  Why not refocus company time, effort, and resources on the analysis of the calls that actually tell that company something valuable—rather than simple, mass data collection?   I believe that’s the critical stage where companies can make powerful changes in their contact center business.

Recording a call on the network, rather than a device, simplifies the architecture and scalability of the system.  More importantly, it allows that recording to become quickly available to different applications and locations, via application programming interfaces (APIs), throughout the network.  Now the company can do something innovative and effective with them, like applying speech analytics, quality management, and refining its agent training.

Cisco is offering more detailed advice on this business issue at its VoiceCon sessions and booth the week of March 22nd.  I’d also like to hear your thoughts on this topic here in this forum.

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  1. I appreciate the your insight and expertise in this technology and that you can communicate it back to the lay person in an understandable way.

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  3. John,I agree completely. Cisco Active Recording can enhance the call recording experience in a way that packet sniffers can not. This becomes especially beneficial to enterprises with multiple locations, enabling them to deploy call recording across the board in a centralized environment.Rich

  4. Apply of speech analysis on recorded voice calls to generate indexable and searchable transcriptions of chats looks like a real improvement in my opinion.

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