Webex Combo Contest

Drum roll, please! I’m very excited to announce the winners of our Webex Combo Contest for November and December!

But first, some background on the contest. As I mentioned in my November 4 blog, our Webex Combo Contest invites anyone to enter by suggesting “great combinations” that reinforce our belief in the power of collaboration and bringing people and things together.

So just as one of our first advertisements in our “The best collaborations happen on Webex” campaign showed the combination of donuts and coffee…

 Announcing Our Webex Combo Contest Winners!

… what other “great combinations” can you think of to insert in this future Webex ad?

 Announcing Our Webex Combo Contest Winners!

Contest Winners

The contest has been open for one month now and I’ve been amazed by the incredible number of interesting, creative ideas that many of you have submitted. Your entries on Twitter and other social platforms using #WebexCombo are absolutely fantastic!

We’ve had so many great entries that we’ve decided to choose these 6 winners for November and December:

Peanut Butter and Jelly


Milk and Cookies


Tacos and Tuesdays

See John’s and others’ Webex Combo entries on LinkedIn


Check out Chris Palermo’s other fantastic entries!

Cisco Bluetooth Headset 730

Contest Prizes

These winners will receive a Cisco Bluetooth Headset 730 to allow them to collaborate in style from anywhere. It’s loaded with advanced features, including seamless audio transitions between your phone, PC, or other Webex device during a meeting.

We’re also excited to use the very best winning entries for our future digital and billboard ads.  Our creatives are a bit offended since they feel creating ads is their job, but hey, power to the people!  We can’t use your graphics for legal reasons, but we’ll leverage your idea and have our creatives create the graphics.

The Contest Continues

We’ve been so impressed by your creativity that we’re going to keep the contest going in 2020. So get those creative juices flowing and enter the contest by posting your combinations to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram using #WebexCombo.

You can even just send your ideas in text form or take a photo of great combinations – no graphics or artistic skill required.  And it’s ok to have more than two items in your combination – 3, 4, or more – whatever expresses your idea.

Many thanks to all of you who submitted these amazing entries that reinforce the power of collaboration.  Have a great holiday season and I look forward to seeing your entries in 2020!


Aruna Ravichandran
Cisco’s VP Marketing/CMO, Webex/Collaboration
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