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Companies Need to Provide Customer Care In Ways That Customers Wish To Be Served

October 18, 2010 - 0 Comments

In meeting with customers and partners I get asked, John, is the traditional contact center going away?

In the below video, I answer the question, explain what Cisco means by customer collaboration and how we as a company view the wave of the future for customer interactions.

Cisco refers to this new way of interacting with customers as customer collaboration. Customer collaboration is a combination of traditional contact center technology, and processes with important additions in four key areas:

1)      Social media

2)      Network based recording and analytics

3)      Video for customer care and

4)      New customer collaboration desktops for customer service representatives

We want to empower businesses to enable them to forge deeper relationships with their customers. This will build intimacy, credibility and drive stronger business value. Stay tuned for more on customer collaboration from Cisco in the coming months.

Customer Collaboration – new trends in customer service

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