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Collaboration, Video and Mobility Drive Value in the Internet of Everything Economy

August 26, 2013 - 7 Comments

In the Internet of Everything (IoE) economy, there will be leaders and laggards, winners and losers. And collaboration, video, and mobility technologies will play a crucial role in determining who captures their share of the value at stake, which Cisco projects as a staggering $14.4 trillion. That’s equivalent to a 21 percent increase in corporate profits over the next ten years.


The Internet of Everything (IoE) is already changing our lives in unimaginable ways as everything from clothing, cars, jet engine parts, and roads, to name a few, become “lit up” with data-generating sensors. The resulting explosion in connectivity among people, processes, data, and things —

Cisco predicts a surge from 10 billion to 50 billion connections by 2020 — will especially impact the ways in which we do our work.


To give an idea of the importance of collaboration, video and mobility, Cisco estimates that they will account for 55 percent of the $14.4 trillion at stake. That’s a stunning figure and includes people-to-people ($4.5 trillion), and machine-to-people ($3.5 trillion).  These ever-evolving capabilities will enable knowledge workers to share insights and actionable data across countries and continents, cutting costs while speeding innovation and time to market.

But how can organizations assess where they stand, before determining their strategies for realizing that value? Cisco Consulting Service’s IoE Collaboration Index is a tool that can help.

All of which underscores the critical need for all organizations to assess their IoE collaboration, video and mobility readiness, which is where the IoE Collaboration Index comes in. We use it to define the level to which an organization is prepared to successfully adopt new capabilities.

We measure readiness across five indices:

  1. Leadership
  2. Governance
  3. Competency
  4. Technology
  5. Value

Many customers have said to us, in effect, “we get it. The Internet of Everything is coming and we don’t want to wind up in the dustbin 10 years from now.” Indeed, even those companies that have invested in the right technologies are not always getting the most value out of them. Other organizations have little idea of how they stack up against their peers.

In our discussions, four key questions emerge:

  • How can collaboration, video and mobility solutions provide durable value for our organization?
  • How do we accelerate our journey and ensure value?
  • Help us develop a roadmap to realize the value of the investments?
  • How should we leverage Cisco innovations to drive our innovation?

The IoE Collaboration Index addresses these questions by leveraging some of our most incisive research. In particular, we have focused on why leading organizations perform better than their peers. For starters, these top quartile performers exhibit some key traits: their technology adoption culture features a high willingness to embrace change; their processes are mature and standardized; technology standards are established; and their current value realization from collaboration is high.

Compared to bottom quartile performers, leading organizations are 38 percent more likely to capture the value at stake than bottom quartile performers. We rank those bottom-level performers as “at risk.”

To find out where your organization sits in the overall scheme of IoE collaboration, video and mobility, please explore the IoE Collaboration Index.  Some organizations are already leading the journey to realize the value at stake; others will need to catch up on their capabilities and readiness. Go to:

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  1. It would be great if we start to see the productivity gains these three technologies can deliver.

    • @Pankaj, we do live in great times. The benefits from the Internet of Everything, collaboration, video and mobility are already being realized by leading organizations. Leading organizations are using these technologies to unleash new capabilities that help them reduce or avoid costs, improve asset and people productivity and create innovative value in the form of new products or services. To gauge your organization’s current capabilities and readiness to realize these benefits; log into the IoE Collaboration Index, spend 8-minutes answering the questions. Once compete, select the contact us button to start your journey.

      • Thanks Mark, this is a great piece. What an exciting space as these technologies converge … again! When you include the M2M apps – this will be a cosmic mash-up with tremendous global impact.

        • @Michael, we are analyzing the capabilities and readiness of the M2M space, looking at leaders and determining criteria for benchmarking. To get a glimpse of our work thus far visit our IoE index, this tool provides a variety of views to explore the value at stake for countries and industries across P2P, M2P and of course M2M.

          • Cool – I’ll check out the tool. Again, nice work – looking forward to being a part, let me know how I can contribute.

          • @Michael, Thank you. You help further by sharing the tool with your organization as well as other people or organizations who may be engaged in digital transformation or collaboration, video and mobility initiatives.

  2. Very interesting approach to visualizing the future and preparing for it.