Collaboration Notes from Cisco Live: Tuesday Recap

May 21, 2014 - 0 Comments

There’s an advantage to having events in different buildings of the Moscone Center. You get to go outside and enjoy the great weather. Just watch out for the birds in Yerba Buena Gardens once things quiet down a bit – I got dive-bombed by an avian aviator. 

Enough about me. What was up with Collaboration on Tuesday? Plenty.

Rowan Trollope and Hans Hwang closed out the afternoon sessions with the Collaboration Technology Keynote, providing a closer look at the new desktop collaboration experiences, including the DX80, DX70, and Collaboration Meeting Rooms. Wearing bright red Converse high-tops, Rowan promised a continued focus on simplicity: “Everything you see going forward is going to be easy to use.” The laminated “how to use this device” cards are history.

The DX80 demo highlighted the simplicity, clean industrial design, and the directional “what you see is what you hear” microphones (read: no more barking dogs or noisy office neighbors in the background of calls). You know the design is new and different when the room applauds after a quick tour of the back of the unit – or the “other front” as the designers call it.

In the Collaboration Meeting Room demo, Rowan showed how easily callers on all sorts of different platforms and devices can connect to a video conference call just by connecting via the host’s meeting-room URL: three-screen immersive telepresence, laptop with a web browser, PC with Lync, and a DX80 all joined the call.

Earlier in the day, the technology keynote kicked off with a great video about the Bay Bridge, which also happens to be the world’s largest LED sculpture – and supported by a Cisco network infrastructure.

Rob Lloyd, president of development and sales, gave a lot of focus to cloud and Intercloud. Cisco’s focus is on hybrid cloud, combining the control, security, and data sovereignty of private cloud with the economics, speed, and scale of public cloud. Cisco is currently the No. 1 provider of private cloud and is working to be the No. 1 provider of hybrid cloud. Soni Jiandani and Rod Soderbery provided more detail on ACI.

World of Solutions
I’ve been to the World of Solutions several times and there’s a lot of activity everywhere, but the Collaboration booth is definitely a hot spot with cool tech. I hope you the chance to get “hands on” with the DX80 and DX70.

In the World of Solutions theater, Marcus Gallo provided an overview of Cloud Collaboration. He outlined typical Collaboration technology challenges, including embedding into business, extending across organizations, and integrating cloud and on-premises technology. Cisco Cloud Fusion brings together multiple services: partner collaboration clouds, Cisco collaboration cloud, third-party clouds, and on-premises technology.

Definitely check out the Cisco Tactical Operations (TacOps) Network Emergency Response Vehicle and all their supporting equipment. TacOps specializes in emergency networks that support the immediate needs of rescue, law enforcement and security, and humanitarian assistance teams. TelePresence in a fully self-sufficient vehicle adds a new dimension to mobile collaboration.

Note to those of you carrying those blinky sword swag-gadget things: Texting whilst sword carrying officially classifies you as a menace. I’ve nearly been impaled by texting sword carriers – twice.

Chilling with the Champions, the Cisco Champions
I’m digging my new involvement with the Cisco Champions program as we bring more collaboration experts into the fray. Yesterday we got together to get out of our minds. Nothing chemical or illegal, it was an improv workshop. When you’re doing improv, you can’t plot what you’re going to do next. OK, now imagine a room of engineers who suddenly can’t plan their next moves. Throwing of imaginary things (with sound effects!), bad imitations of Riverdance, and deep soul-searching eye contact. Hilarity ensues.

More Blog Posts for the Week

  • Hans Hwang: Using Services to Link Collaboration Technology to Business Outcomes — Technology-enhanced collaboration is more than a technical architecture or product. What do you think would happen if you put a DX80 on every worker’s desktop at your company? Without network optimization, training, and adoption services, there might not be much change in productivity.
  • Angie Mistretta: Happy Birthday IP Phone — In case you missed the cake, Angie Mistretta posted about the 15th anniversary of the release of Cisco’s first IP phone. But it’s not all about looking back. She’s also sharing the news about the new 8800 Series phones. These new desktop endpoints are easy-to-use, highly secure, and take advantage of Intelligent Proximity to create connections with the info and contacts on your mobile phone.

And, in case you were wondering, today’s step count hit the 3.9-mile mark.

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