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Collaboration Notes from Cisco Live: Monday Recap

May 20, 2014 - 0 Comments

If you’re wondering what was up with Cisco Collaboration at Cisco Live today, then you probably weren’t here. Or you weren’t paying attention. Or Darth Vader wandering around Moscone South distracted you. Or maybe it was a unicorn. Because Collaboration is everywhere at this year’s Cisco Live.

Trust me and my wearable connection to the Internet of Everything. I can attest to two facts: I walked about 4.5 miles today and Collaboration was all over the place.

John Chambers kept me v-e-r-y busy live-tweeting collaboration commentary from his keynote. Big points of emphasis were architectural foundations and, my favorite, focusing on business outcomes as a driver of technology. In addition to his comments on Cisco’s commitment to re-imagining collaboration, the demos included the so-new-it-was-just-announced-today DX80 and Remote Expert.

Some of my notes. Strangely, they’re each fewer than 140 characters…

    • Demo: Remote expert. Bring tablet into train tunnel, connect w/ experts, share video. Fix the train!
    • “When you get 5% improvement in downtime in #manufacturing environment, you get 30% improvement in profits.”
    • “Rowan, I want this on my desk by the end of the week.” on the DX80.
    • Amazing innovation “at unbelievable speeds.” on developments from the Collaboration team.
    • Remote Expert is “hottest” application for customer care across organizations.
    • “It’s not the applications in silos, it’s the applications working together that create transformation.”
    • “Most CEOs are struggling to get the 5% to 10% of collaboration improvement they think they should get.”
    • “Last year, I said we’d become #1 in Security. This year, we’ll do the same in Collaboration.”
    • “They said we couldn’t spell telephony, but we knew how to get 65% marketshare, didn’t we?”

Today’s Collaboration Announcements
Cisco DX80 5.19.14For the Cisco Collaboration teams, the biggest deal of the day was the announcement of our latest products. Put simply, our goal is to bring exceptional collaboration to every room, every desk, and every pocket. And that’s what we’re doing.

In March, we introduced products for every room. Today, our announcements clean up the desktop. The new DX Series devices bring everything you need into a single device. Simply. Cleanly. And it doesn’t just simplify the desktop with a “jack of all trades, master of none” combination of phone, monitor, speakers, camera, video. It’s all the functionality – and more, and better.

As Rowan Trollope describes in today’s blog post, “It’s time to provide every worker—not just executives—with the tools that let everyone collaborate at a moment’s notice, without technology hassles.”

Take a closer look at the DX80, DX70, and Collaboration Meeting Rooms.

Just for Fun
Follow #clusscavenger on Twitter to watch a giant scavenger hunt unfold as attendees take pictures to get points by finding things on the official list. Good luck getting a better selfie than this one.

clus chambers selfie

Favorite Tweets of the Day

@swackhap OH: pardon me you’re in the way of the bacon #BaconIT #CLUS

@robincarey Cool that the keynotes are geared towards large industrial concerns and climate issues #CiscoLive2014 #CLUS

 What’s Up for Day 2?

10 a.m. Technology Keynote with Rob Lloyd Join Cisco’s technology and business leadership for a deeper view into what is happening both at Cisco and with our customers as the Internet of Everything becomes a reality. Find out what we’re doing today, what we’re planning, and what others are doing to tap into the power of the Internet of Everything.

4 p.m. Collaboration Technology Keynote: Get even more insight into today’s product announcements and where we’re doing next. Rowan Trollope and Hans Hwang will dive into “Exceptional Collaboration Experiences in the Age of the Connected User.” If you’re not here in San Francisco, check it out live online.

World of Solutions
At noon, catch Marcus Gallo’s  “Collaborate in the Cloud” presentation in the theater area conveniently located next to the Collaboration demo area in World of Solutions. Marcus will be talking about optimizing the collaboration experience across multiple devices, platforms and deployment options. He’ll spotlight some of the key solutions that enable Cisco Cloud Collaboration and Cloud Fusion.

The show floor is open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. There’s another reception starting at 5 p.m. if you like your technology with a side of food and drink.

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