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Cisco Mobile Collaboration on the iPhone

- January 6, 2009 - 9 Comments

January 7th UPDATE: I just learned that the Cisco iPhone application won a Best of Show award today at Macworld. Congratulations to the collaboration team and thank you to the Macworld editors!Today, Cisco made an exciting announcement about the availability of some of our collaboration applications on the Apple iPhone. Cisco will be offering two conference applications, to start with, on the iPhone. First is the Cisco WebEx Meeting Center application on the iPhone, which is available to download from the AppStore today. With this application, attendees can fully participate in WebEx meetings on their iPhone (both the web portion and the audio portion) on 3G and WiFi networks. Mobile users are no longer limited to audio-only participation.The second application on the iPhone announced today will be available in CY Q2, 2009. This application is a superset of WebEx Meeting Center plus Cisco Unified MeetingPlace enhanced audio conferencing on the iPhone. It also supports”dusting” by seamlessly transferring WebEx Meeting Center and Cisco Unified MeetingPlace conferencing sessions from an iPhone to Mac or PC and vice versa. I’m personally excited about this announcement because it’ll help me be more productive and responsive. I already spend my day”webexing”. Now I can easily start a meeting on my phone using WiFi on the Cisco campus, walk over to my office and move the meeting from my iPhone to my PC with its larger screen without missing a beat. My meeting experience is no longer defined by my place and device. And frankly, the user experience on the iPhone is just fun! So whether on PC, Mac or iPhone, on 3G, WiFi or wired, Cisco allows me to meet while moving freely from one platform to another, one network to another, one location to another. I call it meetings in motion. Post by Alex Hadden-Boyd, Director of Marketing, Cisco Collaboration Software Group

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  1. Alex, do you know if Cisco is working on an IOS-upgrader app for the iPhone? So we can update routers using the iPhone and a serial to Apple-USB cable?

  2. I have watched this string over the last 6 months. Will Cisco be preparing a app for COmmunicator for the iPhone??

  3. I, I wonder if is there a way to run Cisco IP Communicator on iPhone over wi-fi.I have a Cisto IP Phone at my office, and they gave me the soft to run on the laptop, I wonder if is there a client (or some kind of simulator) to use the iphone as my extension.Thanks,Juan

  4. Is there any new about this? can I connect my iphone to the call manager 7 through SIP?

  5. Just an Update...There is Sort Of an IP Communicator for the iPhone; it is call SipPhone for iPhone...I'm sure it's not a fully FMC type client but it Registers with UCM 5 + (I actually performed this on UCM 7.x); it even Registers with UCME (I've not done this though)...As this Article is like 3 Months old I'm sure No One will see it...Oh Yeah that App is in the App Store for 5.99...

  6. Will this solution include the unified mobile communicator application with presence information?

  7. IP Communicatior IP phone app would help sell more UC solutions. integration with DMS would also be a plus.

  8. These are great, but i would like to see an IP Communicator iPhone app myself.

  9. As a non-geek, iPhone user, former WSJ reporter now speaker/author I can think if multiple ways this can change my work and social life. Not since I saw student-created short film, starring Tim Ferriss (at home) for the Cisco content have I been so excited about a Cisco announcement....