UC Today announced that Cisco has won in the Best Collaboration Platform category for their 2020 UC Awards. The awards recognize and celebrate the most innovative and forward-thinking companies in the communication landscape. Cisco won two UC Today 2020 Awards:

Webex for Best Collaboration Platform
Webex Assistant for Most Innovative Product

Webex is a comprehensive communication, collaboration, and customer engagement platform that brings together calling, meeting, and messaging with one unified application – and a single pane of glass for device control. Additionally, Webex offers integrated devices like the 730 Bluetooth headset, Desk Pro and DX80, to huddle room and conference room video solutions. The recognition from UC Today underscores our leadership in the areas of AI, security, and user experience.

Work Smarter with AI-Powered Tools

When it comes to AI, Cisco pioneered the concept of cognitive collaboration. Cognitive collaboration provides relationship intelligence and gives user information like biographies, work history, titles, and reporting structure. The AI-enabled Webex Assistant helps you easily carry out tasks like joining a meeting with your voice, calling a contact and recording a call. And it can proactively reach out when a meeting is about to start. Webex Assistant can also automatically take meeting notes, organizes your action items, and provides you with a transcript including closed-captioning during your meeting.

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Securing Users, Meetings and Content

From a security standpoint, Webex is unparalleled. Webex gives you the peace of mind that all your collaboration is secure – with end-to-end encryption by default for files, whiteboards, and messages – and options for end-to-end encrypted meetings. In fact, Webex has offered end-to-end encryption for meetings for over 10 years – while other vendors are just getting started developing those capabilities. And with extended security options, you can protect your users from leakage of sensitive data and malicious files – even when they’re collaborating with people from outside of your company. Webex also has best in class support for legal and regulatory compliance.

Single Platform for the Win

Unlike cobbling together piecemeal solutions, Webex gives you one single platform to cover all your collaboration needs – and deliver a seamless and integrated user and management experience. But don’t just take our word for it. Look at the over 300 million users who use Webex every day to get work done. And while Webex is a standards-based, interoperable open platform – having seamless device and software integration is key to delivering an easy-to-use and intuitive user experience as well as reducing IT management complexity.

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Continuous Experience and More Integrations

Last year, Cisco launched the Webex Teams unified app, bringing together calling, ​meetings​, messaging, and video device control – giving you a consistent experience no matter your join device. There’s no need for third party-connectors and support.

Additionally, Webex improved the user experience with new integrations such as the Webex application for Google Calendar, which lets you schedule and join a Webex video conference meeting right from within your Google Calendar app. And Webex refined our Microsoft Teams integration, including the ability for hosts to share recordings directly within a Microsoft Teams channel. And Webex has ready-made, DIY integrations with leading business apps like Salesforce.com and ServiceNow – via open APIs, SDKs and widgets.

Making IT Administrators’ Jobs Easier

The Webex Control Hub provides a single point of administration across the platform with zero-touch account provisioning, security configuration and device management in one place. This single point of administration offers rich metrics that give your IT administrators insight into user adoption and helps them troubleshoot quality of service issues in real time. And for the post-Covid return to office, Webex offers sensors that detect the number of people in the room and issue a warning when room capacity has been exceeded.

Control Hub

And if you’re looking to save money on PSTN calling costs and extend your on-premises investment lifecycles Webex Edge for Calling and Meetings offers flexible options for your business needs – with flexible cloud, hybrid and on-prem options make it easy to expand as your needs evolve.

We’re thrilled to receive this recognition from UC Today. We look forward to showcasing more in the coming months on why Webex wins when it comes to collaboration!

If you want to learn more about Webex and the value, it can provide your business, reach out for more information, or get started with our free offer today.

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