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Cisco VXI Tour: APAC Update

October 9, 2011 - 6 Comments

Many of us here on the Cisco Virtualization Experience Infrastructure (VXI) team are excited about upcoming news around Cisco’s virtualization solutions. And the Cisco VXI message gets amplified further at VMworld Copenhagen (Oct 18) and Citrix Synergy Barcelona (Oct 25).

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Here is a quick video summary that my wife, Beth Dooley, helped me record a few hours after returning home (Silicon Valley, San Francisco Bay Area, California) from my VXI Experience Tour in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region. The video was shot from our backyard deck. The original was 10 mins in length but we cut it down to just the first 3 mins:


During this VXI tour in APAC,  I delivered our message to 10 sessions, 3 countries (Singapore, Japan, Korea) with hundreds of customers, partners, and internal Cisco teams. Siva Mandalam (Director, Cisco Enterprise Architecture & Systems) delivered our message in India the week before. PJ Barber (Director, Cisco Desktop Virtualization) delivers our message in Australia this week.

Prior to this trip, the Cisco team was expecting the vast majority of its near-term revenue, partner activity and customer interest for VXI to be concentrated in North America and Europe. After this APAC tour, it’s obvious there are some big things happening in Asia.  Many could argue that the most mature countries in the APAC region for desktop virtualization adoption would be Australia and India.  However, we’re seeing early signs of positive growth in Korea, Japan, and parts of China and SouthEast Asia as well.

In Japan, the attendance and interest exceeded everyone’s expectation with sessions in the hundreds leaving standing room only.  In Korea, the teams were not only enthusiastic but they could see beyond just hosted virtual desktops and how this architecture applied to their overall “cloud” initiatives. In recent years, Korea has taken an innovation leadership role in areas such as automobiles, home appliances, consumer electronics, Internet broadband delivery, mobile handsets, and a variety of Post-PC devices from companies like Samsung and LG. Also, Korea’s modern culture is a strikingly unique blend of old tradition and new innovation. You can see this blending of old and new not only in their technology landscape but it extends into their music, fashion, and films. Cisco VXI is in many ways a blending of old (Windows PCs and legacy applications) and new (virtual workspaces using collaborative networking and cloud-based computing).

In my opinion, Korea is a country to watch for the next 12-18 months in this area. I could see at least one or two of Korea’s leading industries emerge as a guiding light for how businesses can move into the Post-PC area, deliver unique collaboration services, and embrace cloud computing in a way that we have not seen before.

Overall: the APAC region leveraging Cisco VXI has all the ingredients to be a significant portion of “first-mover” Enterprises and Service Providers in the Post-PC era. The proliferation of next generation devices are well suited for VXI when combined with rich collaboration services using high-performance networks and clouds. We just need to help convert this beaming enthusiasm into action. Amazing new developments are sure to come out of Asia, yet again.

Doug Dooley

Cisco Systems — Director, Desktop Virtualization

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  1. Doug, great Blog on a great event. Now the execution of the follow up is the key.

    The Channel exposure was huge, we will be communicating to them again when the new case study announcements hit the street.

    Building target partner practices and generating that pipeline…

    Expecting big things.

  2. Fantastic Blog Doug!..I would like to add my experiences in the VXI Experience tour, to your blog..

    Well, Week One of the VXI Experience Tour – Asia was busy and we had some fantastic outcomes. I started the tour in Mumbai and then travelled to Bangalore and then onto Singapore.

    In Mumbai, We had scheduled 3 x sessions for the day: 1 in Mumbai x Cisco internal, 1 x Partner, and 1 x Customer. In total we had > 100 attendees across the day, with 40+ customers in attendance in the evening. Interest and attention was high from all audiences to better understand Cisco’s value proposition in this space. I provided some insights into where we have come from and also where we are heading, and this lead to some intriguing questions from the audience. We started at 8am morning, and closed off the last customer question at 10pm tonight.

    Bangalore saw 31 Cisco folks for the internal session, and 35 partners in the afternoon. After the General Partner session, I led a one-on-one discussion with Dimension Data and we focussed on the “How” aspect of incorporating VXI into their go-to-market plans in India;

    In Singapore, we conducted a series of Telepresence sessions targeting customers and partners in Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia. Across the day, we had almost 60 attendees in the remote offices, including the Central Bank of Malaysia, Thai Airports Corporation, and major banks from all geographies.

    So, at the conclusion of the first week of the tour I had touched nearly 200 individuals from Cisco, the partner community and the customer-base. But, more important than the quantity of attendees, was the quality of the engagement, as measured by questions asked, issues raised, and topics discussed. There are so many people to Thank for their efforts this week, I will do that in a separate dedicated email. Suffice to say this has been a fantastic week for showcasing the true spirit of One-Cisco.

    Doug’s event represent the Week Two with a whole new range of events – Singapore, Tokyo and Seoul in five days. Great interest in those areas as well… overall APAC experience tour was very succesful in terms of raising awareness and drumming up the interest levels of customers/field/partners.

    • Thank you Siva. Now all we need is the update from Australia. I’m sure PJ Barber or Peter Bocquet (twitter @pbocquet) will be providing their comments soon.

  3. @Robert – many of us, including me, will be arriving in Barcelona, Spain first thing in the early AM on Oct 25. Will I see you there?

  4. When are you coming to Europe? 🙂