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Cisco partners with Synergy SKY as they solve the workflow in complicated multi-vendor environments and during transitions. During the recent unprecedented times businesses have had to send employees to work from home and IT teams have been found stretched managing complex multi-application environments. Synergy SKY designs and develops user-friendly software aimed to simplify the user experience for multi-vendor or single vendor business meetings.

Cisco and Synergy SKY Join Together 

As a result of several mergers and acquisitions, business transformations, and additional office locations, Neptune Energy was experiencing a higher use of video conferencing in an increasingly mixed vendor environment. Employees found the technology challenging to use which resulted in technical issues and dissatisfaction towards the IT department.

When Neptune Energy was joined by VNG in 2018 they decided to use Skype for Business as their desktop collaboration platform and Pexip as their interop to Cisco, before later transitioning to Cisco Webex entirely.

“We saw that most of our users were very unsure of how the meeting rooms worked. Not only that, there was also a general dissatisfaction towards the IT department because the users didn’t understand how to get it to work,” Jørn Snorre Andersen, IT Collaboration Lead at Neptune Energy says.

How Was Their Problem Solved?

With the Synergy SKY Suite, the workflow remains undisrupted when the technical solution is changed or moved from on-prem to cloud, or to a hybrid solution. Users can join the video meetings with OBTP regardless of which platform they are using. Meeting invitations with simple and intuitive call-in details are provided automatically every time a user schedules a meeting in their native calendar.

Most users of video meetings don’t have knowledge of computers and meeting room equipment and it becomes a barrier to its adoption.

Neptune Energy

“Suddenly there was ONE way to do it all, and the room for user error was almost eliminated. With Synergy SKY on top of our current workflow and technical setup, we were able to make the meeting journey a lot easier for our users.” Says Jørn Snorre Andersen, IT Collaboration Lead at Neptune Energy.

Synergy SKY CEO Ståle Reitan says “The user experience is incredibly important for successful transitions and adoption of technologies. Together with Cisco we elevate the user experience and make it easier for all end users to embrace their organizations centralized video conferencing strategy, also during transitions.”

As Cisco looked to double down on their ISV ecosystem and partnerships Alyson Hoagland-Pace, Director…. says “Cisco has been working with Synergy SKY to create a seamless user experience as companies look to slowly transition from on-prem to cloud. Now that they are an integral part of our ecosystem we can really accelerate transforming making the video experience 10x better than in person interactions”

Regardless of what platforms you are using today, you can be rest assured that Webex will fit right in. Webex with the help of Synergy SKY will be compatible with your existing platforms.

Learn more about Webex and Synergy SKY on apphub.webex.com and contact your Cisco representative for more information on how to take advantage of this awesome partnership.

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