How Are Your Employees Managing While Working From Home?

Right now, many of us are navigating new territory both personally and professionally. Our customers are adapting to new business hours, longer delivery and wait times, and new services such as curbside pick-up. In addition, many employees are now working from home – some for the very first time, which brings new challenges they’ve never experienced before. This is also true for front-line employees like contact center agents.

As a CX executive or contact center manager have you considered the following?

  • How are your employees adapting to working from home (WFH)?
  • Are they engaged and motivated?
  • Do they have a dedicated workspace in their home that gives them privacy?
  • Are there enough home broadband and related services?
  • How are they able to collaborate with other colleagues when they need help?
  • How are they managing while homeschooling children or caring for other family members?
  • How does your team benchmark against other organizations in enabling WFH?

These are a few examples of the challenges your organization may be dealing with. Couple this with the increase in customer inquiries and you can imagine the pressure your employees may be feeling, and how this may be impacting their productivity and ability to effectively serve your customers. According to Cisco’s global contact center survey, 74% of businesses agree that agent experience has a direct correlation and significant impact on customer experience.

Webex Experience Management “Voice of Employee” Solution 

Webex Experience Management (formerly CloudCherry) is Cisco’s next-generation customer experience management (CEM) solution that improves customer and agent experiences by giving businesses greater insight across the entire customer journey, by mapping their experiences across all touchpoints in the organization, consolidating the data, and using predictive analytics to make informed decisions on how to improve customer and employee experiences that will create positive business outcomes.

Cisco has created a Webex Experience Management “Voice of Employee” WFH solution to help organizations provide their employees with an easy-to-use anonymous online survey to share their work from home experiences. This gives managers and HR teams insights around employee sentiment so that they can act accordingly by making improvements and addressing any issues impacting their employee’s work before they become problematic.

Solution Highlights

  • Free access to Webex Experience Management for 45 days for up to 5 users in the organization
  • A professionally designed survey that helps you assess various aspects of WFH experience and benchmark your results later
  • A pre-configured survey link to collect anonymized, relevant feedback from employees about their WFH experience
  • Access to real-time dashboards for 5 users, with widgets configured to provide the best insights
  • Go live in 2 business days

With this solution, companies can run periodic agent pulse surveys to gain critical real-time insight into employee experiences and barriers to success, enabling them to make improvements that will drive positive customer experiences and better business outcomes.

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In addition, stay tuned for our upcoming webinar where Cisco experts will review the aggregated benchmark results and best practices, and discuss recommended actions to take based on the insights generated by employee surveys.

Monitoring Your Customers’ Experience

Let’s not forget about how your customers are dealing with all these changes. As customer online touchpoints increase and your employees work remotely, it’s important to monitor your customers’ journeys carefully to ensure you’re still meeting your desired CSAT or NPS scores during this crucial time. Learn how to do this with Webex Experience Management.

Protecting Your Remote Employees with Cisco Security

Employees working from home can create new security concerns. To protect your business and remote employees, Cisco is also providing extended free licenses and expanded usage counts at no extra charge for three of our key security technologies that are designed to protect remote workers anywhere.


Cisco’s priority is to help our customers to be prepared and readily adapt to new and urgent needs. Your employees play a critical role in helping you maintain customer satisfaction and business continuity. When you care for your employees, you’re caring for your customers. And this will lead to better engagement, greater customer satisfaction, and improved business outcomes.

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