First Annual Webexceptional Partner Awards

At Partner Summit, Cisco Webex Collaboration held a celebratory event to announce the winners of our 1st annual Webexceptional Partner Awards.

These awards shine a spotlight on our outstanding Webex partner performance and celebrates their achievements.

Congratulations to this year’s global award winners!

AND the winners are…

Category 1: VAR Webexceptional Achievement Award

VAR Webexceptional Achievement Award.png


Red River Technology has shown a tremendous 193% growth over the past year, nearly tripling an already impressive revenue of their total collaboration revenue. They have triple and double-digit growth in revenue and customer acquisition within every sub BE, almost doubling overall new customer acquisition by 42%!




Category 2: Service Provider Webexceptional Achievement Award

Service Provider Webexceptional Achievement Award Tata Communications


Tata Communications – Tata Communications is leveraging the power of the Webex platform to grow revenue and acquire new customers. By doubling end customers and strong growth in revenue, Tata’s FY19 was Webexceptional.




Category 3: Webexceptional Awesome Adoption

Webexceptional Awesome Adoption and Presidio


Presidio – Presidio has embraced the partner and customer value of the Flex incentive program and closed the most flex deals in FY19. This helped lead to almost doubling Conferencing Bookings YoY by (97%) while also realizing double digit UC Revenue Growth of 14% YoY.




Category 4: Webexceptional Better Together Award

Webexceptional Better Together Award CDW


CDW – CDW sells across the Webex portfolio and led the partner base by combining Conferencing with Video endpoints to deliver Webexceptional customer experiences.




Category 5: Webexceptional Growing Business

Webexceptional Growing Business WWT


World Wide Technology – In FY19, World Wide Technology (WWT) launched an Internal sales campaign “Win the Meeting, Lead with Flex” that became their mantra for the year. WWT’s Webex Meetings bookings had phenomenal growth of 329%!!  The FY20 has an expanded mantra “Win the Meeting, Lead with Flex, Sell the Platform”.  For Week 11 of FY20, WWT’s has attained 87.5% growth. Conferencing continues with triple digit growth for the quarter at 261%!



Category 6: Webexceptional Partner Transformation

Webexceptional Partner Transformation Intrado


Intrado – Our first partner to integrate audio with Cisco Collaboration and the first Service Provider to support CCA on a Global scale. Recently Intrado has fully aligned with Cisco’s “Single Platform” strategy while continuing to grow the largest base of CCA (Shared & Dedicated) and HCS customers. They continually invest in enablement capabilities ensuring each and every sales resource understands and can articulate the Cisco Modern Experience. Furthermore, they leverage the power of our solutions internally to create high performing teams and deliver magical customer experiences



Category 7: Webexceptional Bridge to Possible Award

Webexceptional Bridge to Possible Award NWN


NWN – NWN’s work with University of North Carolina Pembroke is certainly something to celebrate.  In today’s world, education is not possible without technology. NWN worked with UNCP to understand required technology capabilities needed to create an engaging learning environment that is easy to adopt, use, and maintain. Cisco’s Webex cloud connect classroom creates an interactive classroom with video, white boarding, and team collaboration that provides the same experience whether or not the student is on campus or hundreds of miles away. It has built a tighter knit collegiate community through Webex – one that didn’t exist before. Results have shown an increase in student retention, improved attendance for remote learners while meeting their annual budget.



Category 8: Webexceptional Teams Power Partner

Webexceptional Teams Power Partner CenturyLink


CenturyLink – CenturyLink uses Cisco Webex Teams to execute joint account mapping, align internal and external resources, and collaborate on sales opportunities in real time. Spaces provide a persistent thread to distribute information (product announcements, marketing toolkits, use cases, press releases) to ensure we’re all on the same page at all times. . Including teams in the selling process has enabled CenturyLink to reduce emails more than 50% and increase overall team efficiencies by 30%. It’s also a great place to recognize joint team wins and keep team members motivated.



Category 9: Webexceptional Integrations Partner

Webexceptional Integrations Partner Cinos


Cinos – Cinos has delivered a collaboration solution to a healthcare customer to achieve an amazing outcome to save more lives. Cisco and Cinos enable clinicians to assess patients recovering at home remotely via video. The integration of collaboration technology and patient administration is systems is a power solution that has psychological benefits for the patients, increasing quality of care and saves time for the staff.  Within 5 months of implementation, the healthcare customer was able to decrease “no show” treatment appointments by 25%.


Last week in Las Vegas, Navada, we held our annual Cisco Partner Summit where Channel Partners and Cisconians gathered to celebrate success and set direction for the future.

I would like to thank everyone of our Webex Collaboration Partners for being a huge part of our growth and success. Let’s continue our momentum in the market working together to own our edge. #BetterTogether

Please help me in congratulating all of our partner winners!


Aruna Ravichandran

VP/CMO, Webex/Collaboration

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