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Cisco Cius: Customers Share their Perspective on Why They Need an Enterprise Tablet

June 29, 2011 - 0 Comments

From security features to the new AppHQ, I could talk for hours about why the Cisco Cius is the only tablet in the market truly built for businesses (in fact, I did this morning). Earlier this year, we heard from Nottingham University Hospitals about how the Cisco Cius and Nervecentre Software helped them cut costs and improve patient safety.

Today, I’d like to showcase some additional Cisco Cius customers, sharing how they use the Cius in day-to-day business practices to streamline customer interactions, accelerate sales and enhance collaboration.

Palomar Pomerado Health

Healthcare leaders are always looking for ways to improve patient care and speed time to treatment. When a physician receives a call about a patient, their first step is to review the patient’s medical record. Palomar Pomerado Health built the MIAA (Medical Information, Anytime, Anywhere) app on the Cisco Cius so its physicians can easily look up medical records and access the patient care team directly from the tablet wherever they are (be it at home, at the hospital or on-the-go).

Physicians can also click-to-video with a nurse, other doctors or even the patient streamlining the need for everyone to be in the same location. In an industry like healthcare, security is an absolute must. With the Cius, Palomar Pomerado Health is able to cut through the complexities of accessing patient data stored in multiple locations and provide secure and quick access to other healthcare specialists. The business-class security embedded in the Cius ensures confidence that patient data is safe and sound – and allows Palomar to leave all worries at the door.


When customers have questions about service availability, Verizon sales representatives are able to check availability quickly and accurately through an enterprise application on their Cisco Cius tablets. Should the customer have additional questions, representatives can use video features on the Cius to communicate directly with a specialist.

For Verizon, the access to information and support specialists through Cisco’s Cius has helped the company accelerate the sales cycle, improve customer experiences and reduce the travel costs associated with sending specialists around the country.

University of Wisconsin, Whitewater

Incorporating state of the art technology both inside and outside the classroom is a priority for University of Wisconsin’s Whitewater campus. The University is using Cisco Cius tablets to improve class attendance via remote class participation. Students are able to set-up a WebEx video session should they miss a class (with a good reason, of course) or if class is canceled due to an emergency situation. Virtual classes have also proved a successful replacement to on-campus, in-person classes during campus closures.

Outside of the classroom, students and teachers are able to stay in touch to coordinate activities, such as project meetings, via presence and group IM capabilities. Students can also conduct multiple-point video sessions for real-time project collaboration and document creation – it’s much easier to schedule a group meeting when you don’t all have to be in the same place.

With the Cisco Cius, the University is offering a flexible learning experience that makes it easier for students to engage with classmates and professors outside of class, which has so far equated to speedier project time to completion and an improved quality of student deliverables.

These are just three examples of the ways in which the Cisco Cius is delivering value to enterprise customers across various industries (and around the globe).

As the business world becomes increasingly mobile, visual and virtual capabilities are no longer a “nice to have” – they are a must. As a powerful networking, voice, video and collaboration tool, the Cisco Cius offers organizations a way to achieve success and effectively usher their workplaces into the ‘Post PC’ era. 

Is Cisco Cius right for your enterprise? We look forward to hearing your thoughts in the comments below!

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