Webex Customer Awards- It’s Always the Small Pieces That Make the Big Picture

I have always felt appreciated as a Cisco customer. Cisco truly is the epitome of a community, and it takes a village to keep raising the bar.. Cisco was really raising the bar for themselves by delivering the best collaboration technology Cisco Webex Teams, numerous online training classes to support technical setup to end users, knowledgeable customer managers and technology adoption assets for all of the collaboration products and lines of business plus industry vertical.

Webex Customer Award Nomination

In the early spring of 2019, I stumbled across the declaration and promotion of the First Annual Cisco Webex Awards. I was immediately intrigued to share with Cisco and the world, my journey and hard work through the adoption and deployment process of new Cisco collaboration tools. The mere thought of nominating our organization brought on the nostalgia, as our process was fast-paced and unique, but proved successful. I had no understanding of whom or what talent and industries our public education institution was up against, but that did not matter. For me (us) this nomination was to reminisce and celebrate a small company doing big things, and Cisco wanted that too.

There’s a First Time for Anything

Fast forward to the post-award nomination; I received an email notification that Cisco loved our story and would place us as finalists in the Awesome Adoption and Higher Education categories. My Cisco friends-we were on the leaderboard! The email communication of this information alone was a WIN! Cisco listened. They tuned in to the small voices allowing for our success to be shared and celebrated. In those coming weeks waiting to live stream the Awards event, I couldn’t help but wear a grin on my face through the office halls already feeling more accomplished and recognized for the work we were doing with Cisco to transform our workplace. I had new energy and understanding of our efforts and felt valued as a customer. We were doing big things.

Nomination in Awesome Adoption and Higher Education

In the Moment

Have you ever sat curled up on your couch watching the Emmy’s and rooting for your favorite TV show to steal the stage? I have, but this time I was viewing the First Annual Webex Awards on my laptop and cheering on my company’s accomplishments. The presenters took the stage, and the slide deck started to roll. Our name sat strongly recognized amongst the big dogs: Facebook, Ford Motor Company, Met Life, universities and more; The official winners were announced, and although we did not advance to the winners’ circle, as cliche as it sounds, we were champions at heart. This event was not about winning, as it never should be. The Webex Awards were about community, recognition, and the perseverance to come. Cisco heard our story, identified our strengths, and proceeded to make it known. I didn’t stop watching the show because we weren’t the last name called, I continued to view and root for everyone’s hard work because that’s why we were all there in the first place.

Moving On

The Cisco Webex Awards were just another small piece of the big picture, like us. I see a company that wants what’s best for all parties involved. Cisco consistently raises the standards not only for themselves as a company but for its customers and partners. After a year of being a part of the Cisco customer community spaces and post-award feelings, I know and appreciate that Cisco is “in it to win it” for everyone.  We are all winners with Cisco. Thank you Cisco for giving me the opportunity to share the success we have had as result of using Cisco Webex Meetings and Teams to communicate. With collaboration, I was able to re-imagine the possible. 


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2019 Cisco Webex Awards