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Bringing the Cloud Down to Earth

April 24, 2009 - 2 Comments

Earlier this week Cisco announced a series of new security solutions designed specifically to secure web-based collaboration and a new application delivery cloud that combines the reach, scale, costs and control benefits of both on-demand and on-premises solutions. The new Cisco WebEx Collaboration Cloud supports a hybrid architecture that allows users to integrate network infrastructure with web-based applications. It extends the cloud into an enterprise network, as my Cisco colleague said, “Bringing the Cloud down to Earth.”You can see the Cisco WebEx Collaboration Cloud in action. Cisco WebEx has a cloud weather map that allows you to track usage in real-time. You can watch as the business day moves across the globe, each light representing one of the 200,000 meetings we support each day. Cisco WebEx makes an advanced version of this map available to customers as a diagnostic/monitoring tool for their networks. This application allows IT organizations to monitor performance of our on-demand collaboration solutions at a macro and a micro level. They can track usage, identify network pinch points and troubleshoot issues. The weather map provides visibility across the web and across enterprise network in a single view. This kind of diagnostic viability will become increasingly important as cloud-based solutions become more and more a part of a flexible enterprise computing architecture. The Cisco WebEx Collaboration Cloud weather map, another way we are bringing the Cloud down to Earth.

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  1. I agree, nowadays it seems that everything will be computed remotely and content will be sent to front-end users. At least, we will not need to upgrade our PCs 🙂

  2. Cloud computing and cloud applications – this is the future! And not just in gaming industry…