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Black Friday is Really My Cyber Monday When I Shop Online with WebEx

November 23, 2011 - 1 Comment

Oh my, I hate crowds.

My daughter is 12 and thinks Black Friday is actually a holiday that follows Thanksgiving. The media has effectively gotten into her brain and she doesn’t even know why she wants to go shopping, but she knows she must. I keep telling her she doesn’t need a $50 VCR but she just doesn’t get it. I suppose I will take her and a friend to the mall and leave them there. There’s no way I am entering the abyss.

Then I will go home and do some real shopping.

My sister-in-law and I team up every year to work out who’s getting what for whom to make sure we get things people will like and to eliminate redundancies. Since I happen to be a big WebEx champion, we do it online.

We shop together using WebEx.

I know that makes me sound a little geeky, and maybe I am, but it’s so fun to surf the internet together and look at the same things at the same time. She had ideas, I have ideas. Sometimes we are sharing and often we are both finding things and then passing the ball back and forth to see each other’s discoveries.

While we shop, she can stop and talk to her toddler, we can both grab snacks and, maybe most importantly, we aren’t losing our minds in the crush of the crowd. It works well for us and I can imagine WebEx shopping (oh! maybe that could be a new user group) could work for lots of people:

  • Spouses who want to shop together but are separated – maybe someone is in the military and really wants to help pick out that new bike for the kid
  • An older parent who can’t handle crowds but wants to get their grandchild a special toy and needs your help to find the right thing
  • Homebound folks who, because of a medical complication or physical limitation, can’t be out in large crowds and need help with all kinds of shopping

If you don’t have WebEx, never fear. You can sign-up for the two week free trial. You can get a lot of shopping done in two weeks!

So if you enjoy the crowds – good luck! And if you don’t, try WebEx. Either way, shop with someone you love and have a great day. I need to go bookmark online sales!

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  1. HAHA…Perfect!!! I love it…..Girlfriends shopping together via WEBEX!!!. Many years ago I lived in Brussels. Now, many years later a good friend of mine from there now lives in Atlanta. I live in Toronto. Like you shop……we, from to time have Friday evening catch up sessions on Skype….with each of us drinking Belgian Beer!!!!
    Wish you good shopping!!! Have fun. Peter