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Are You an Agile Worker? How to Successfully Work Remotely

September 27, 2011 - 2 Comments

It’s your dream.

On occasion, you would love to get up a little later, not rush to shower and get dressed, have a decent breakfast and avoid jumping in the car and dealing with traffic. You know you’d be more productive working at home, pounding away without interruptions. You are wearing your comfy day-jammies because you don’t have to dress to impress.

How do you make it happen? (Learn more first hand at this free event.)

The answer is becoming an “agile worker”.

“An Agile Worker operates from any convenient location. They may use a desk in the office or a casual drop-in space designed for short micro-working spells. They are often found working in a public space with WiFi access or whilst travelling using mobile GPRS or 3G connected devices. Some are road warriors staying in hotels, moving from meeting to meeting and working throughout the day as and when they can gain access to networks. Agile Workers also work from home usually on an occasional (say one or two days in 10) basis.” – Steve Gillies, BT Viewpoint

Agile workers, sometimes called virtual workers, need to approach work in different ways that allow them to stay connected, collaborate from anywhere and maintain their ability to lead their teams.

“The reality of virtual leadership is apparent. Teams are increasingly spread across space and time, providing the benefit of obtaining talent anywhere in the world and allowing 24-7 work progression. However, virtual workers can feel a sense of isolation, and building bonded teams becomes more difficult when there are few opportunities to meet face-to-face.” – Leading Virtual Teams to Real Results in the Harvard Business Review.

Technology has made working remotely much easier by delivering options for staying in touch and making your voice heard. But how do you put it all together to protect your career and your contribution?

Get advice from an expert: Phil Montero and The Anywhere Office

To help you become an outstanding agile worker, we asked an expert to provide some insight on those things you need to know to succeed. Phil Montero has focused on working from anywhere for years. He created a blueprint for “virtual work” that he calls The Anywhere Office. In this webinar, he’ll show you the smartest ways to work without an office.

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  1. I am impressed! I would like to take advantage of this information and development to improve my business operations.

    I am convinced it will helpful.

    Thanks .

  2. Virtual co-workers may be a good alternative to traditional ones, but this implies adapting to a totally new life style. Although it sound inviting, i’m sure that isn’t that easy. Eager to read more about this.