Explore and Make Deep Connections with Cisco Webex Rooms at ISE

Spaces, places, people. Cisco Webex Rooms invigorates spaces, creates connections between places, and delivers brilliant people-centered experiences. I am passionate about Workplace Transformation, and how the amazing technology behind Webex Rooms acts as the connective tissue between these – bringing it all to life. Join us at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2020 in Amsterdam, where you can explore all of this for yourself. I am beyond excited to showcase how our technology effortlessly integrates with meeting spaces designed to support every workstyle, workflow and workspace so you can focus on what matters – getting stuff done.

In our booth at ISE, we have set up five different workspaces equipped with the latest and greatest collaboration devices that integrate with the applications you know and love. It doesn’t matter whether you need to huddle or want the full c-suite immersive experience – we’ve got you covered.

Come by booth C130 from the 11-14th of February to experience the magic that is Webex Rooms!

Here is what you can expect from us…

Huddle Room

Sit, down, relax and enjoy a cup of coffee on us. At the work café, you can explore Cisco’s Webex Room Kit Solution, Room USB,  Cisco 730 headsets, and the new Webex on Flip display from Cisco and Samsung. Not one to be missed!

Meeting Room

Powered by RoomOS, see how the Webex Room 70 Dual and Webex Board works together so that teams can share content and whiteboard all while maintaining a video first experience. We call it Companion Mode; end-users call it meeting magic.

Focus Room, Jump Space and Home Office

Be one of the first to see the Webex Desk Pro, the most advanced, AI-powered instant office for your desk. Don’t forget to play the spin-it-to-win-it game for a chance to win prizes. Good luck, break a leg, or if you are practicing your Dutch for the occasion – veel geluk!

Ideation Room

See how the Webex Board and Webex Desk Pro facilitates co-creation, ideation, and agile working experiences through AI and digital whiteboarding. Let’s get creative and get stuff done!

Board Room

Meet the new Webex Room Panorama for a five-star immersive experience. The technology behind the Panorama mimics the real deal, and I can assure you that you will feel like you are sitting just across the table of the people across the screen. Want to see what it’s like when you cut the room in half and add 5,000 miles?

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to have all your questions answered by booking a guided, personalized tour of the rooms for you and your colleagues.

Spaces are limited and are expected to fill up quickly, so you better be fast! Book your slot here.

I look forward to seeing you there, and for you to experience first-hand how Webex Rooms can empower your Workplace Transformation journey.

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