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A Day in the Life with Cisco Collaboration: Demonstrating how technology impacts performance

A recently released demo video from Cisco has generated tremendous interest from collaboration professionals on our website and is now posted on YouTube as well.  It’s called a Day in the Life of a Sales Professional.  In the video we hear a self-narrated 4 minute scenario in the life of a go-getter – Steve – who utilizes collaboration tools from Cisco to win business for his company and deliver results for his customer.

What makes the demo scenario interesting is that rather than describing Cisco collaboration technologies or solutions, the scenario plays up how it makes an organization successful. A host of Cisco solutions, from Cisco Unified Communications to Cisco WebEx solutions to Cisco TelePresence, make timely appearances to string the story along.

The story begins with Steve’s work voicemail appearing on his iPhone with a message waiting from his largest customer about a business opportunity for electronic components. Steve’s organization

has to respond to this sizeable opportunity which would be lost to competition unless they can show the customer their ability to deliver the desired component on time. The story goes on to show how members of Steve’s organization from Dallas to Beijing jump through various hurdles – by using their collaboration tools – to deliver a compelling, winning presentation.

The video highlights through a story how collaboration involves so much more than dial tone. Collaboration, in this story, encompasses use of voice, video, web, and mobility as components that improve an organization’s productivity and performance.  The demonstration video underscores how each of these components work better together to deliver an enhanced value to the organization.

Take a look at the video and share it with others who you feel might be interested in a quick story on how collaboration can make a business impact.

Also, do you have a story of your own to share where collaboration technologies made a remarkable difference in your work life?  Though Steve’s narration is engaging, we realize that  our readers may have stories that might be even more compelling. We’d be most interested in hearing from you.

by Nader Nanjiani, marketing manager, Cisco Unified Communications and Collaboration


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  1. technology impacts on everyones life's these days and plays a major role!

  2. A day in the Life of....very funny and creative. Thanks.

  3. day by day technology is improving and nobody can stop that.RegardsAlex

  4. This is a great example of how being a little creative can make a difference is a company's business development.

  5. Very cool inside article to see how the professional operate! Thanks for teh share Leanne!

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