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A Pervasive Video Experience Is an Integrated Experience

March 14, 2014 - 0 Comments

Video is a hot topic for Cisco collaboration right now. On Wednesday, we announced a series of new products that help businesses of every size make high-quality video accessible to every employee. At Enterprise Connect next week in Orlando, Florida, Rowan Trollope, who leads Cisco’s Collaboration Technology Group, will be a keynote speaker and discuss why video is so important to the collaboration experience and the new way we work.

In fact, many other companies are also seeing the high value of video to the enterprise today and are entering the video market. With so many options to choose from, how do you determine the right video solution for your company? I’d say it depends on a number of things:  the experience you are seeking, the business results you want to achieve, and how flexible you need your collaborative architecture to be.

For example, would you like to do real-time video communications with your customers using WebRTC? Do you plan to put on webcasts and virtual events at your company to save on travel costs?  Will you deploy private or hybrid cloud models to achieve more architectural agility? Are mobile video apps part of your BYOD strategy? Maybe you would like to do all of these things.

An important part of achieving an exceptional collaboration experience is integration. For users to have a productive and seamless experience, you must implement a fully converged solution and take steps to ensure user adoption. Cisco Services helps that “delightful” experience emerge on a browser or in the boardroom by putting technology and complexity in the background.

The integrated video experience

It’s the way you use video that can create amazing experiences. Some of our banking customers, for example, are using video in revolutionary ways that set a new standard for customer interactions. These banks have built apps that allow their customers to initiate face-to-face video interactions with financial experts on their mobile devices.

Behind that easy-to-use, fun app is the integration of video into an organization’s existing collaboration environment, mapped to the business process and culture your customers and employees are used to. Cisco Mobile Advisor is a collaboration solution from Cisco Services that weaves hardware and software into a customized solution designed to produce a company’s desired business outcomes. The resulting touch-to-video experience highlights the magical ability of video to connect people and deliver business benefits, like faster decision-making and stronger customer relationships.

When it comes to making video pervasive – and truly effective – at your enterprise, it’s important to use an intelligent, integrated approach that incorporates hardware, software, and services. Cisco collaboration technology evolves out of a culture of innovation in which product and service teams work together throughout the product development process, continuously integrating and navigating the “chaos” along the way. The process may take longer, but the resulting solutions are flexible and integrated. Some companies may still choose a software-only video solution, but they’ve only got part of the strategy, and what they’re providing their employees is video communications rather than video collaboration.

What are your top considerations when it comes to video? Choice? Flexibility? Cost? Quality? How does video enhance your work experience? I’d love to hear from you on Twitter @hhwang70.

I’ll be at Enterprise Connect participating in a panel discussion of Unified Communications as a platform for video conferencing. Integration is everything. Come by and join the fun.

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