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April 30, 2015 - 6 Comments

Who says executives don’t use social media?

Here are some excellent examples of Cisco executives celebrating our Partners at Cisco Partner Summit 2015 #CiscoPS15.

Karen Walker and Sherri Liebo gave us the information we needed, whether we were attending in person, or participating online


Nick Earle started the week by telling us to stay tuned for an important Cloud announcement.


Scott Sanchez gave us more details about the new Cisco Openstack Private Cloud Bundle.

You’ll want to download the Periscope app and follow Scott there, too.


The best examples of photo-documentation of the presentations came from Raja Sundaram.
85 total tweets!


We are always happy to welcome new members to the #SocialSavvy club. 
Take a look at Soni Jiadani’s first tweet!


Let’s remember that this event was all about the Partners.  We were thrilled to see many of them get the chance to meet members of the Cisco family in person.  Without doubt, one celebrity captured everyone’s attention: Steinar Sønsteby, CEO at Atea ASA.

Friends of @CiscoServices recognized Steinar Sønsteby from a 2014 video describing the Atea and Cisco partnership:


New social apps are introduced constantly, so who knows what you will see in 2016? For now, enjoy this recap of Partner Summit innovation lessons, as summarized in Mark Yolton’s video.




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  1. Cisco is big on Collaboration of which Social Media is a big piece. Both Collaboration and Social Media will change the way we tradionally communicate and get information. As a social media champion myself I am happy to see execs really using and embracing Social Media.

  2. As a social media person, it makes me smile when I see execs in social! Thanks, Slivia, for highlighting!

  3. What a week! So great to see Cisco leaders active in Social Media too!

  4. I like to see executives in social media and have faith that these executives are innovative and forward thinking to keep up with changing norms. I’m actually also impressed as I know social media takes time, so good to see these executives make time for it and consider it important (I know I don’t always have time for it).

  5. Yep more and more exec are becoming accessible due to their involvement in social Media. Didn’t see Kim Majerus who is our VP for State, local and education sales who is rocking the boat in LinkedIn!

  6. This is a great example of how Cisco executives are personally getting social. We live in a digital world with more people spending time on social apps than they do watching t.v. Our customers and partners live online so it is only natural that we as a company (and employees)hang out where our customers and partners do – and that is in social media! Olivia Newton-John sang “Let’s get physical”. I sing “Let’s get DIGITAL”.