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How Cisco Partners Can Deliver World-Class Managed Services with Cisco Operational Insights

- October 6, 2016 - 0 Comments

Before diving into the core topic of this post, let me first quickly introduce you to Cisco Cloud and Managed Services (CMS). The context will help you better understand how what CMS offers can help enable our partners deliver World-Class Managed Services to their customers. Sometimes it feels like Cisco Cloud and Managed Services is one of Cisco best kept secrets – so here we go!

CMS is a part of the overall Cisco services portfolio that includes other better known services from Cisco such as Smart Net Total Care, Cisco Technical Services (TS) Advantage and Cisco Advanced Services (AS) Optimization Services. Specifically,

  • Smart Net Total Care provides 24/7 access to Technical Assistance, advanced hardware replacement and software updates besides access to online technical resources and community support.
  • Technical Services Advantage gives customers access to specialists and knowledge that can help provide expert analysis, reporting, and recommendations.
  • Advanced Services Optimization enables customers with technical and professional services expertise, tools, and best practices that help them run their network optimally.
Cisco Cloud and Managed Services Overview

Cisco Cloud and Managed Services Overview

CMS complements the above mentioned services by providing complete Proactive Day 2 Operate Services. CMS serves a single point of contact to the customer to help monitor event, triage, manage and remediate incidents or problems related to both Cisco as well as third-party, non-Cisco equipment. CMS operates at scale, serving some of Cisco’s largest Enterprise customers by providing remote around the clock management delivered by 2000+ trained and certified IT professionals residing in 3 Network Operating Centers (NOC) located across the world.

In summary CMS excels at delivering world-class managed services to large enterprise customers because it has invested in the resources, honing its tools and process methodologies, creating run books and automations to deliver consistent, proactive and rapid resolution to issues. All this contributes to a superior customer experience for its satisfied customers.

Partner Challenges with Delivering Managed Services

While CMS is able to provide a superior proactive managed services experience for Cisco’s largest customers, we realize that the only way to scale this to the next level of customers is through partners. However smaller partners that do not have the same scale as CMS in terms of resources often struggle to keep up with providing a similar level of service to their customers for a variety of reasons. The top issues that partners highlight are:

Ever-Changing Technology Landscape

With technology constantly evolving and new product being introduced at a rapid pace, partners are not able to ramp up new services fast enough. Today it is Application-Centric Infrastructure, next it is Hyperflex and who knows what tomorrow brings! Partners simply do not have the bandwidth or resources to support services for new technologies expediently.

Hiring, Training and Retaining Resources

People are integral to the delivery of Managed Services. Smaller partners struggle with hiring and training resources only to see them turn around and leave in a very competitive jobs market. As a result, valuable knowledge is lost and it is a constant struggle to find people to fill in the gaps that are left.

Tools & Intellectual Capital Development

Standing up Managed Services from scratch requires significant upfront expense in order to buy/license the required tools and operationalize them. Often more than one tool is required in order to support the multi-vendor, heterogeneous environment that are typical today. These tools then need to be integrated with each other and programmed with the appropriate intellectual capital. Intellectual Capital takes time to generate. Finally, there is the cost of acquiring and integrating with the ticketing system.

All of these challenges add up for smaller partners

Introducing Cisco Operational Insights

In order to help Cisco’s partners addresses the challenges and help them create managed services that deliver a superior customer experience, CMS has packaged the operational knowledge and intellectual capital accumulated from managing its largest customers and now made them available to partners in the form of Cisco Operational Insights. Cisco’s Managed Service Provider partners can now use COI in combination with their own people and processes in order to deliver managed services to their end-customers.

Cisco Operational Insights Overview and Key Benefits

Cisco Operational Insights is a Unified Operations Platform provided as a hosted SaaS offering that features Proactive Monitoring, Operational Ticketing, Ticket Enrichments and Automations that enables IT support staff to deliver Proactive, Rapid and Reliable Support to End-Users, by leveraging Cisco’s Operations Knowledge and Expertise for both Cisco and third party devices.  This includes:

  1. Predefined thresholds and fine grained KPIs for Cisco and non-Cisco devices
  2. Predefined Event Filters and Correlations that help reduce the number of tickets created
  3. Ticket Enrichments and troubleshooting tips that are event and context relevant
  4. Cisco Managed Services’ Runbook and process automations
  5. Event relevant access to information in Cisco’s TAC and bug databases
Key Cisco Operational Insights Benefits to Partners

Key Cisco Operational Insights Benefits to Partners

Key Benefits

  • Consolidates Key Operational Functions for MSPs into one platform
  • Improves Customer Experience through proactive and faster remediation
  • Provides a future proofed platform to support next generation technologies

Key Features

  • Provides predefined policies for Proactive Monitoring
  • Enriches Tickets with Cisco’s Knowledge to enable faster remediation
  • Supports both Cisco & Non-Cisco devices
  • Enables role-based visibility to end-customers
  •  Integrates with existing ITSM and Partner Ecosystem components
  •  Offered as simple, Hassle free SaaS subscription (per device/month)

How Cisco Operational Insights Addresses Partner Challenges

Now that we’ve had an opportunity to be introduced to Cisco Operational Insights, let us wrap up by highlighting how Cisco Operational Insights specifically helps address the partner challenges we highlighted in the earlier section above on Partner Challenges.

Learn more about Operational Insights on by checking out our Infographic, At-a-Glance and take a peek at our video overview.

If you are partner and interested in trying Operational Insights, sign up here.


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