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Bringing It All Together in a Multicloud World

- September 13, 2017 - 2 Comments

Customers have a lot of options for cloud today, but what they really need are capabilities that work together regardless of their mix of public and private clouds. Take DIRECTV, for example. DIRECTV has a complex environment that includes applications, databases, on-premise servers, infrastructure, and other networking components growing behind the scenes. The company has over 500 application profiles, and is running more than 25,000 virtual machines across six different clouds. The interaction between different cloud capabilities and tools has the potential to impact performance, cause delays, and ultimately trickle down to the customer experience.

DIRECTV is using the Cisco CloudCenter platform to manage this complex environment. CloudCenter helps DIRECTV focus on the specific needs of their applications to provision just the right infrastructure and services across their multicloud environment to deliver the quality and predictability they need. And it doesn’t stop there: DIRECTV is also using Cisco AppDynamics. While Cisco’s CloudCenter provides a deep view into DIRECTV’s application performance, AppDynamics produces proactive alerts and reports based on that performance data. Using these two capabilities together makes it possible to measure overall performance, focus on individual components, and continually monitor and tune applications to achieve better performance.

If you’ve got the responsibility for providing on-demand services like NFL Sunday Ticket football or streaming Game of Thrones to millions of customers around the world, you might have a little heartburn imagining tons of users, simultaneously and continuously connecting to the many applications you have running across multiple clouds. This is the new normal for companies like DirectTV that want to provide new and innovative solutions to customers. In an on-demand world, full visibility in the complexity of your cloud environment and the ability to respond quickly to meet the needs of the customers will be differentiation consumers look for in their services.

This is just one example of how Cisco is helping customers bring it all together in the new normal of multicloud.

What’s your new normal in the age of multicloud?

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    An endless thanks to you all... Since the very beginning till now you have shown the proof of real commitment to improve people's life in every society! I am so proud of you all, the great team ever who are delivering good work, great innovators, make the real difference in people's life as you promised it years ago.

    Thank you for this blog as it explains how to position Cisco's AppDynamics and CloudCenter to the media and entertainment industry. Cisco is truly helping customers to bring it all together in the new normal of multicloud. Thank you.