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The History and Future of Television

December 20, 2010 - 2 Comments

You may recall that when we launched the Connected Life Exchange blog we pointed our visitors to a unique microsite called the “Discovery of Data” — an interactive anthology of telecommunication innovation events and the related historical facts.

Today, you can visit and explore yet another fun and informative site. The topic is “The History and Future of TV” – society and technology have evolved and converged to create new video experiences. Those that are more social, mobile and personal.

The History and Future of TV

As you’ll see, this site is also interactive and populated with interesting factoids about the ongoing story of advances in video entertainment. You can jump to any point in the timeline, and you can customize the timeline to reflect your own interests — or choose from one of several selective points of view, such as a Gadget Guru.

You may want to set aside 30 minutes to fully explore all the wonderful image and video assets. I’ll forewarn you, however, I found the content to be highly engaging – if you’re fascinated by this topic, then perhaps an hour of your time would be more realistic.

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  1. Really cool timeline. I'm kind of familiar with how TV's work or at least how they did in the past (cathode ray tube), but learned lots of cool facts on the timeline I hadn't been aware of.

    • @Russ, Agreed, there's lots to discover. I recall several things on this timeline that I hadn't seen before. David