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Personalizing VNI Service Adoption Forecast Research

With today’s announcement of the latest Visual Networking Index (VNI) research, I’m excited to kick-off a guest blogging series that will highlight the stories behind the complementary VNI Service Adoption Forecast.  This research predicts the future worldwide end user adoption for 27 services across residential, mobile and business categories.

These services range from SMS, mobile banking, location-based services, online gaming, consumer VoIP, mobile video, and many more. While this makes for interesting predictions on where technology will take us, it only generated more questions in my mind.

When I first became aware of this research, I was interested less in the data itself, than I was in the Why, What and Who questions.

  • Why are there regional differences in the rate at which end users are adopting these services? Is it due to culture, economics, education, or regulatory influences?
  • What is it about the Asia-Pacific region that result in it having a 10% higher adoption rate of online gaming than Latin America?
  • Who are the local businesses, communities, or individuals that are driving this adoption, and how do they benefit from these services?

It is these questions that I hope to answer through the diverse stories of contributors who can best provide answers based on their local insights and experience. I am fortunate to have a great initial group of guest bloggers who will share their stories, providing color and perspectives to the data.  The bloggers includes a technology author and teacher, an IT analyst from Tasmania, advocates for greater penetration of rural broadband, and Peace Corp volunteers in Africa. I am hoping that through their words, we can broaden our understanding of the impact of technology on local economies and its ability to create greater opportunities where none existed.

The Exponential Influence of Technology in Rural Communities

If you aren’t yet inspired to ponder the Why, What and How behind the rapid growth of technology, listen to Dr. Steven Shepard,  Institute for Communications Technology Management, USC describe several compelling examples.

My goal for this editorial series is to inspire, spark conversations, and highlight creative and unconventional examples of technology around the world.  I hope you join us on this journey; no one knows where it’ll take us or what we’ll learn, and I can’t wait to get started.

Join our team of VNI-SA bloggers.
Do you have an interesting story of how technology has changed your community, your work, or your business? Is technology providing opportunities that impact the socio-economics of the world around you? Contact us at if you’d like to contribute to this blog series.

What is VNI-SA? It is the Service Adoption forecast portion of our popular VNI research. VNI-SA studies the end user adoption rate for a wide variety of services around the world. Read more at

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