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Honoring Cisco Certified Network Professionals

January 21, 2011 - 6 Comments

When we started the “Connected Life Exchange” project I mentioned that we intend to honor all the key stakeholders that help conceive, build and maintain the important communication network assets of service providers.

Today, I will recognize the contributions of Cisco Certified Network Professionals, Experts and Architects. I also offer my encouragement to all the students who have chosen to aspire to attain this respected distinction in our industry.

As I’ve said before, during my career I’ve worked for trailblazing wireline and wireless telecommunication service providers. On numerous occasions I’ve participated in groundbreaking projects that were built on a foundation of Cisco Systems technology and networking products.

During my many years of experience proposing network solutions for customers, that included every application scenario from a start-up multi-location small business to a large legacy multinational enterprise, I always appreciated the benefits of having top caliber engineering talent on my team.

Most of the telecom service providers that I’ve worked for had longstanding relationships with multiple vendors. We could therefore build networks that included the best-fit technology for a given customer requirement. That said, pre-sales and post-sales engineering support was often the key ingredient that we used to demonstrate we were worthy of a customer’s patronage.

Given that multi-vendor environment, it’s noteworthy that most service providers emphasize the total number of Cisco Certified engineers they employ in all their major network proposals – as a validation of their relevant expertise for the job at hand. Do you wonder why service providers proudly highlight the certified engineering talent that’s skilled on one particular vendor’s products?

Committed to the Development of Human Talent

The Cisco Systems name has long been synonymous with attaining the highest degree of proven expertise in the realm of Routing and Switching technology. From the early days of the company’s existence, Cisco built a reputation of nurturing, developing and rewarding internetworking technology talent and applied skills.

Since 1997, the Cisco Networking Academy has grown from a small-scale program designed to help schools get the most out of their networking equipment to Cisco’s largest corporate social responsibility program, with courses taught at more than 9000 academies in 165 countries. More than 800,000 students develop ICT skills through the program each year.

Moreover, the Cisco Learning Network gives Cisco customers, partners, and Cisco employees the opportunity to collaborate and share knowledge, training, mentoring, and support as they develop their careers through Cisco certifications.

We congratulate all students who have graduated from the Cisco CCIE Service Provider track. They have earned the right to be respected and honored by their peer group. I also congratulate the talented Cisco engineering teams that were instrumental in helping to create the groundbreaking CRS-3 platform, introduced last year.

This accomplishment is one more contribution to the latest chapter of the Cisco Heritage — being the technology pioneer that’s attuned to the evolving market demand. In collaboration with our key customer stakeholders, we’ve carefully studied the trend that’s shaping the Next Generation Internet, and it has greatly influenced our own learning process.

We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to recognize our loyal network engineering community – all the talented professionals that continue to design and build the essential communications infrastructure that has made so many Service Provider advances possible around the world.

I welcome comments from Cisco certified engineers. Please tell us how this progressive learning track, when applied during your work experience, has benefited your connected life.

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  1. I own a computer repair business in NY area. I need to get Cisco certified but don't know what class should I take first. Any help?

    • @NydatapC, I recommend that you register to become a member on the Cisco Learning Network, and ask the members of your peer-group -- people who have been there, and done that --

  2. Cisco Networking Academy Reaches 1 Million Students Annually Worldwide -- more details here "World's Largest Classroom" Has Delivered Information and Communications Technology Education and Skills to Nearly Four Million Students Since 1997

  3. David, I work closely with the my Cisoc SE (sales engineer) and AM (account manager) and have even taken the extra step to make them a valuable part of the contributing members of the core design and architecting team for this project in addition to our internal network engineers and architects. I had the opportunity to meet the one of the engineers who influenced my decision to follow along the Cisco path way back in 1999. The tables changed a little and I was now the techie at the table and working the entourage of pre-sales, post-sales, account managers, and architects that came wih him to present the options from their company. It was a feeling of coming full-circle after this past decade's efforts of combined work and study. My boss asked me to join the local Cisco User's Group in Orlanodo about 5-6 months ago. I agreed. I sought the group only to find it had disbanded some years ago. Can't join the ghost of a group. So I engaged the Cisco Learning Network and found a manager of a local Cisco Gold Partner very willing to to help support a meeting and soon we had Cisco fully engaged. As of our 4th meeting we had a showing of about 45+ attendees and about 15 or so who could not make the meeting for one reason or another. Some of the attendees had come from as far as Jacksonville or Ocala to meet in Orlando for this meeting. We are using Cisco Live material presented by a Cisco SME or a Cisco Gold Partner to provide immediate, relevant, and current topics to our entire group. In addition, I've taken a splinter group and obtained authorization to use facilities after hours from my company to host a weekly Cisco Study Group - currently the CCNA - since it seemed to me that there were a number of new people (some with the CCNA already - who want to know more about Cisco, refresh their knowledge, or just jump right into the Cisco career field. Employees from my own company have joined and these from Jacksonville and Delaware too using Video Conferencing and MeetingPlace - again Cisco Solutions at work facilitating remote collaboration. My company is committed to sending our staff to Cisco Live each year and have for several years. We rotate the team to do so and use Cisco Learning Credits acquired from our purchases to send our staff. I went in 2009 but may not be on the list this year to go, in order to afford other staff members the opportunity to experience Cisco Live which is considered a very valuable experience for our staff. Thanks for the recommendation and the compliment. Yes, our hospital fully expects to make a significant contribution to the health, welfare, and successful outcomes of sick children and we are one of the very few where we treat the child with the very best of care, regardless of the ability to pay. This means the best care available even if the family or insurance is not sufficient to provide for the care otherwise. The child's care and successful outcome is the objective first and foremost. Cisco's Technology is the underlining infrastructure empowering this vision to become a reality. Thanks again. Darby

  4. David, I'm a graduate from the Cisco Network Academy from back in the 2000/2001 era. Certifcations: CCNP, CCDP, CCSP, CCVP, CCNP-Wireless and many others over the years. CCNP since 2001. Today, I'm a senior network engineer helping to design and architect what will be the nation's most state of the art children's hospital in the USA when it opens in 2012. The technology that will drive this venture is Cisco, end to end, for a fully IP-based solution for all technologies meaning that TDM and even Coax are a thing of the past. I've used the educational opportunities provided by Cisco, Cisco Press, and especially venues like the Cisco Network Academy, Cisco Authorized Training Partners, and the Cisco Learning Network successfully to navigate my career so far and fully expect to continue my education and career success into the future while using Cisco technologies along the way. It's been an awesome ride since my first Cisco VoIP project started in about February of 1999 or so and I'd hope that anyone else who has the opportunity can enjoy a similar career as I've had over the years. Today - I use Cisco technologies to work remotely from anywhere, my company uses Cisco's infrastructure to provide real-time Voice and Video services across the enterprise and nation to reduce travel expenses and enhance our virtual teams' effectiveness. Our weekly meetings are done over video conferencing, our monthly meeting also, and even personal one-on-one meetings are also conducted over video more often than in-person while still allowing the look and feel of being as close the person(s) we are communicating with. Everything from Cisco's routing protocols, best practice QoS guides, security, and performance enhancements are being used transparently throughout our organization to achieve maximum effectiveness and ROI. The Cisco education system is ultimately responsible for these successes. The Cisco learning experience has worked wonders for my career. I'd hope others take the opportunity to share their own success stories enjoyed throughout their own career. Thanks again, Darby Weaver Network Engineer CCNP CCDP CCSP CCVP CCNP-Wireless

    • Darby, thank you, for sharing details about your Cisco certifications and numerous accomplishments. The children's hospital application seems like a perfect example of where skilled network engineers, like you, are making a significant contribution to local communities -- and it's positively impacting other people's lives in the process. Healthcare is one area where I hope that we'll see more creative applications surface during 2011 and beyond. FYI, there are a couple of upcoming "Cisco Live" events where perhaps more details about these type of applications will be shared.