As the IT Management Program closes its doors to Barcelona and prepares for Amsterdam, the IT Roaming Reporters finish off the last drops of coffee in our mugs. We take stock of all we’ve achieved in the past six days: we published four videos from 180GB worth of film, conducted more than 30 interviews, and captured just over 600 photographs of customers, speakers, and event attendees in action.

But more than that, the European segment of the ITM Program attracted more attendees this year than ever before. Over 700 attendees visited Cisco IT’s booth for demos, chatting with expert leaders and engineers, gaining valuable information. Cisco’s speakers touched on perspectives from being catalysts to inspiring innovation to a practitioner’s experience with security.

Lessons we learned:

  1. Shoot video in landscape
  2. Don’t forget your laptop in the hotel
  3. Make sure you have headphones connected to the camera when the mic is on
  4. Memory card A goes to Camera A, not Camera B
  5. “No” is just a gateway into an interesting interview

When the haze of sleeplessness ascends from our eyes and we touch down in our hometowns, the awe and nostalgia will set in. Gracias and ¡Hasta luego, España!