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The Data Center Infomercial

October 12, 2011 - 0 Comments

Breathless over the BeDazzler?

Pleased with the Power Juicer?

Psyched by the ShamWow?

We’ve all seen late night infomercials touting everything from cookware to hair products to fitness gear.  Amidst the incredible claims, B-list celebrities and amazed studio audience members, you’ve surely wondered:  when will someone create a Data Center device worthy of an infomercial?

Wonder no more.  Here, now, is the Data Center Forecaster.

Based on space-age, cootie catching technology, this wonder gadget can help you quickly and easily plan your next server environment.  Watch the infomercial below to learn about this amazing product.  Then, read the instructions that follow for how to prepare and operate your very own Data Center Forecaster.

Through this very special offer, you can get your very own Data Center Forecaster.

Preparing the Forecaster

Print the Forecaster and cut along the dotted line.  (Copy the image below or download it from Scribd.)  Place the sheet face down on a flat surface.  Fold the four corners toward the middle, creating a new square.  Turn the paper over and again fold the corners toward the middle.  Slide your fingers under the colored tabs and push the corners up so that their points meet in the middle.

Using the Forecaster

Choose the statement on the outside of the Data Center Forecaster that best describes your situation.  Open and close the device based on number of letters in the highlight words.

Read one of the multiple choice questions inside the Forecaster.  Open and close the device according to the number displayed by the answer that is relevant to you.  Repeat the process with a second question.

Lift the tab with the statement you most identify with and learn what type of Data Center is most appropriate for you to build.

Forecast Unclear?

If for any reason the Data Center Forecaster doesn’t address all of your Data Center design and operations questions, send those questions to  Data Center subject matter experts are standing by to respond with helpful answers just for you.

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