Are you ready for five days of thought-provoking education, unique business insights, and exclusive access to industry leaders? The Cisco Live IT Leadership Program is an unparalleled experience that brings together the brightest minds in IT to connect, inspire, and shape the future of technology.

Lights, camera, action!

While Cisco Live 2022 promises to ignite creativity and deliver practical know-how, the IT Roaming Reporters will accelerate connections. The 2022 reporters are comprised of talented professionals from across Cisco. At the event, we will combine our unique skillsets to enrich your conference experience by conducting in-depth interviews with Cisco executives and guest speakers and documenting the shared stories of attendees. 

I am so excited to introduce you to the 2022 IT Roaming Reporters team.

Cisco Live Roaming Reporters

The Resourceful Connector

Monica Roaming Reporter

Whether proficiently explaining the customer lifecycle or driving engagement for Cisco’s global business community, Monica Doster is the ultimate connector. She is a Community Manager in the Customer Experience organization, and never misses an opportunity to facilitate connections. She believes illustrating value uncovers unrealized benefits.

Although Las Vegas is a short trip from her Los Angeles, California home, Monica is looking forward to navigating the ever-changing landscape of Cisco Live and connecting with IT leaders.

The Communication Maven

Nicole Roaming Reporter

With an emphasis on customer value, Nicole Esplin finds joy explaining complicated technical solutions to the masses. As an IT Communications Manager, she showcases the brilliance of the software engineers behind the Cisco on Cisco and Customer Zero programs.

Nicole lives in Boulder, Colorado and enjoys running, cycling, and skiing. If you see her sneak off on an early-morning, pre-conference run, join her. She will be thrilled to meet you.

The Renaissance Man

Jack Roaming Reporter

From music to photography and everything in between, Jack Bieg has done it all. His creative passions have led him to a career as a Data Architect, enabling the data insights steering Cisco into the future.

A self-proclaimed craft beer aficionado living in Fort Worth, Texas, he is excited to be energized from the meeting of great minds in IT leadership.


The Innovator

Sothan Roaming Reporter

Sothan Thach spends his days developing a deep understanding of how professional communities contribute to the success of an organization. As a Community Manager, he provides strategic vision and collaborative proficiency behind Cisco’s top performing lifecycle teams.

Based in Los Angeles, Sothan is no stranger to embarking on spontaneous adventures. He is ecstatic to explore the latest technology and greatest innovations that the “Ciscoverse” has to offer.

The Creative

Di Roaming Reporter

Di Robertson is a visual communicator, utilizing her creativity to simplify the complex. After spending years communicating on behalf of IT executives, she currently works as a Business Operations, Program Manager implementing employee engagement strategies across Cisco.

Di resides in Tampa, Florida, and is eager to add artistic imagery to the backdrop of the IT perspective at Cisco Live.


The Producer

M_Levey Roaming Reporter

Finally, I am Michael Levey, the creative director for Cisco IT and the producer of the Roaming Reporter program. As a new Cisco employee, I’m so excited to attend my first Cisco Live and to meet everyone in Las Vegas. I’m based in sunny Los Angeles where I’ve been remotely, over the past few months, helping the reporters get ready for this amazing event.



We’re All In! 

Needless to say, we are all in. And we can’t wait to meet you and bring your perspectives and stories to life! Join us June 12-16 in Las Vegas, Nevada for Cisco Live 2022!

In the meantime, channel your excitement by reading our Inside Cisco IT blogs. We’ll be posting frequently on Twitter prior to and throughout the conference, so shoot us a follow!