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Smart Spaces Drives Innovation and Creates New User Experiences

April 25, 2016 - 6 Comments

With the Cisco Smart Spaces solution, we’re forging new ground in the workplace and in the industry. Smart Spaces transforms the way we interact with our workspaces. It changes how we find people, places, and things. Find out how we’re using technology, building systems, and Smart Spaces innovation to further collaboration, boost productivity, and create new, improved user experiences.

We’re not only using technology to drive personalized, highly productive collaborative environments for all our employees company-wide, but we’re also building a lot of intellectual property for the Smart Spaces solution. And several of our innovations have led to patents. Since August 2015, the Cisco IT IoE Digitization Services team, which includes Smart Spaces, has filed 15 patents — and counting. A patent filed recently by the Smart Spaces team provides a whole new way of thinking about and rendering indoor maps. Unlike traditional indoor mapping with image overlays or tiles rendered on top of existing world maps, our patent considers that everything in the map can change, including the layout of a room, and wayfinding automatically reflects changes in a dynamic environment.

We’re currently implementing the new Smart Spaces technology at our headquarters campus in San Jose, California. Eventually we plan to integrate dynamic spatial mapping wayfinding and other innovations in the Cisco Smart Spaces solution.


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  1. IoE era will put the vision in action!

  2. Great job, Manny! Concise and definitively demonstrates the value to Cisco and our partners.

  3. nice one !

  4. This looks amazing!I can’t wait to see it implemented my local office! It will really help in finding someone who is in the office for the day but isn’t normally assigned there. Also I’m looking forward to a quicker way to sign up for a conference room if you happen to be standing in front of it.

  5. Great Blog Manny.. Glad to see the impact getting Highlighted and nice to get the significance and thoughts from G, Fran, Brian and the team. Amazing to see the current status and glad to see the Progress as it started as a great Vision few years back with Cisco Maps in IT. IT Rocks.. #gladtobehere

  6. Smart Spaces solution is really awesome. Having worked in as part of the Change Management program for the Cisco Connected Workplace, Smart Spaces was a key part of our strategy and really brought the solution to life!