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Place Your Data Center Bets

June 8, 2011 - 1 Comment

Novelty bets are all the rage these days in gambling.  Bookmakers are laying odds and allowing side bets on the minutiae of major events ranging from athletic contests to national elections to royal weddings.  My favorite novelty bet from the 2011 Super Bowl:  how long would Christina Aguilera hold the note “brave” at the end of the National Anthem?  (It went nine seconds by my unofficial count.  Feel free to time it yourself.)

Can we get the Data Center industry a piece of this action?  Imagine the odds line for happenings in and around your server environment in the next six months:

  • 3/1 that an installer runs cables outside of the provided wire management.
  • 7/1 that someone triggers a VESDA alarm while taking a smoke break outdoors.
  • 9/1 that a cleaning technician plugs a HEPA vacuum into a cabinet power strip.
  • 20/1 for an accidental EPO activation.
  • 32/1 for an intentional EPO activation.
  • 40/1 that an overenthusiastic sticky mat traps an employee.

I started pondering Data Center odds thanks to this week’s Data Center Deconstructed question, which deals with Cisco’s Metro Virtual Data Center and the location of its Data Centers.  The MVDC’s linking of two physically separate Data Centers in an active-active configuration not only helps provide Cisco’s private cloud services but also improves the odds that the mission critical functions of those Data Centers will continue even if a local disaster strikes.

Watch here to learn the factors that influence how far apart Cisco locates the server environments within a Metro Virtual Data Center.

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  1. Great video.

    Organizations seeking to establish a data center DR strategy should a) look at distance between the primary and dr facility (we recommend 25 mile minimum) and b) should consider using two vendors – not solely one. ie. primary is vendor 1 and secondary (dr) is vendor 2.

    You don’t want to put your eggs in the same basket !