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Getting Inventive in the Data Center

May 25, 2011 - 0 Comments

What’s the coolest technology you wish someone would invent for a Data Center?

As the more entrepreneurial among us are likely already aware, it’s National Inventors Month in the United States.  In light of that – and the video below discussing how Data Centers themselves foster innovation – I thought it would be interesting to make a Data Center wish list.  Just in case a fledgling Thomas Edison out there is looking for something to work on.

The Data Center technologies I want:

  • Data Center optimization software. Data Center designers today can use computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling to map out how hot and cold air move through a Data Center.  I want software to monitor Data Center conditions in real-time and recommend modifications – how to adjust hardware placement, HVAC settings and perforated floor/ceiling panels and other infrastructure – to maximize air conditioning performance.
  • A retractable roof. Hardware overheating due to a mechanical system failure?  Thermal runaway imminent?  No problem.  Press a button and have the roof slide back and release the hot air while Facilities engineers fix the problem.  We make retractable roofs in sports stadiums, why not Data Centers?
  • Wireless hardware. As fun as it is to chuckle over the entries to Cisco’s Crazy Cabling Contest, I want wireless Data Center hardware.  Let’s not run another patch cord ever again.

What Data Center inventions would you like to see developed?  While pondering that, check out the how Data Centers themselves foster innovation.

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