G’day everybody!

I hope you are all as excited to be at Cisco Live Melbourne 2018 as we are to meet you.

Who are we, you ask? We are Cisco IT professionals set out to interact and interview the attending delegates of the IT Management Program. We’ll roam the convention floor speaking with industry leaders and listening to their thoughts on various topics of interest. Photos will be taken, videos will be filmed, and finally we’ll make sure you all look good in those awesome morning videos capturing fantastic highlights from the previous day. That’s right – we’re the IT Roaming Reporters of Cisco Live Melbourne 2018.

This team includes the four of us – Sacha, Nadia, Megha and Alex.

Sacha Fernandez is an IT Analyst from Sydney, Australia working in the Employee Services space, specifically in Benefits Delivery. Nadia Saleh Zada is a Software Engineer also from Sydney, working for Regional IT on the Business Capabilities team. Alex Felker is a Multimedia Content Producer for Cisco IT and is based in Denver, Colorado. Megha Jose is an IT Engineer working out of Bangalore as part of Cisco IT’s Global Infrastructure Services organization, specifically in the Networking Services team.

One room, over 300 ITM Program attendees, more than 20 awe-inspiring presentations and 4 super excited IT Roaming Reporters making sure every moment is captured. As the Aussies would say, it is definitely going to be one hell of an experience, mate! See you all in the land down under.