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Facilities Is From Mars, IT Is From Venus

March 14, 2012 - 0 Comments

How well do the IT and Facilities people get along at your company?  Do they work well together or seem at times to be from different planets?

I’ve been in the Data Center industry for 15 years now, always based in IT but focused on physical infrastructure design and operations.  A key part of my job has been helping IT and Facilities understand one another’s goals, challenges and technologies.  That – as I like to joke – means I have great job security.Cisco folk are pretty collaborative by nature so it’s easy for those groups to come together on our Data Center projects, but I’ve attended enough industry conferences to hear horror stories about shouting matches between IT and Facilities.  Even without raised voices, when one group buys the hardware and another pays the power bills there are bound to be different priorities in place.

Maricel Cerruti, founder of the Technology Convergence Conference, kicked off this year’s event with an amusing look at what IT and Facilities have to say about one another.

The segment is an excerpt from the start of the conference.  You can check out the entire video, including the keynote presentation by Mozilla’s Pascal Finette as well as my live blog from the event.

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