Encouraging User Adoption of New Tools

February 8, 2010 - 0 Comments

Our customers might expect that whenever Cisco releases a new product for individual users, it gets deployed immediately and then is pushed out to all company employees. Well, that isn’t always the case.  First, Cisco IT doesn’t have the budget to pay the internal price for all the Cisco products that we’d really like to deploy.  And second, Cisco employees can pick and choose which tools they want to use, and they don’t always use every tool we provide.

Consider the example of Cisco Unified Personal Communicator, a desktop client application that integrates many features to help users communicate easily and efficiently. Although it is an appealing product, it has been adopted only by about 25 percent of Cisco employees worldwide. This may seem to be a very low adoption rate, but there are a variety of reasons behind the number:

  • Regulatory issues. Regulations in some countries (like India, and many countries in the Middle East and Asia) restrict the use of IP telephony, which also impacts this product.
  • Product choice. In some cases, departments and groups within Cisco can choose which user tools are best suited to their work. For example, many Cisco sales teams are standardizing on Cisco WebEx Connect as a personal communications tool because of their high usage of the WebEx conferencing products. As a result, most employees on these teams don’t want to use both WebEx and Cisco Unified Personal Communicator.
  • User choice. Some employees don’t need the capabilities of a full communications client, or they prefer a hardware phone for voice calls. Cisco IT does not mandate user adoption of new collaboration and productivity tools. Instead, we let employees choose the best solution that meets their needs, and provide support for as many solutions as we can. 
  • Language support. Cisco IT has chosen to provide technical support only for the English-language version (due to limited resources), even though Cisco Unified Personal Communicator supports multiple languages. Many users who do not communicate primarily in English have decided against using the product until we can provide local-language support.

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