Welcome to 2019, and to Cisco Live’s big 3-0! That’s right, it’s the 30th anniversary, and just when you thought this event couldn’t possibly get any bigger… you were wrong! Meet the IT Roaming Reporters, who will be at your side to capture quality content and document this grand experience, as well as to share with you just exactly what is possible in the future of IT.

Madhumathi Muthu makes reusability possible…

“I turn milk cartons into storage boxes; I turn paper into jewelry… best out of the waste is my motto!”

My name is Madhumathi Muthu, I’m a Data Engineer working in the Data & Analytics Team in Cisco IT. I’m originally from South India where I where I received my undergraduate degree. Being creative is part of me. I have a list of hobbies like trekking, painting, doing crafts and making my own jewelry. I’m an amateur guitarist and singer, too.

This is my first Cisco Live I’m looking forward to meeting a lot of new people, and to discussing their ideas and perspectives. The most exciting part is showcasing the essence of this event, everyday to everyone through my creativity. I plan to leave a positive imprint on those I meet and have a lot of fun.

Cisco Live has always been a ‘happening’ place. Keep your mind wide open, because I’m sure you are going to witness how impossibilities are getting converted to possibilities. Stay curious and don’t forget to have fun!

Madhumathi Muthu
Cisco IT Data Engineer
ITRR Lead Music Supervisor & Video Editor


Alex Gerome makes balance possible…

“I’m a jack-of-trades of sorts. I love travel, I have hobbies in everything from playing music to building quad-copters. I’ve also lived in every region across the U.S.; I excel the most when I can make use of these experiences…”

My name is Alex Gerome, and I am an IT Software Engineer working on the Connected Architecture Solutions and Technologies (CAST) team. I started last July as a new graduate hire coming from the University of Texas, but California is the sixth state that I’ve lived in. I personally enjoy playing music, photography, ping pong, and eSports, but I like to do a little bit of everything.

I’m really excited to visit San Diego and experience my first Cisco Live in person! Both of these will be new to me, but hopefully I can enjoy a little bit of the city between Cisco Live and producing media as a reporter.

I may not have been to a Cisco Live before, but I know that you get what you put into these events, so make sure to spend some time connecting with others there. I look forward to speaking with those attending.

Alex Gerome
Cisco IT Software Engineer
ITRR Photographer, Audio Technician & Camera Operator

Kyra Wayne makes the impossible possible…

“Where there is confusion, I offer clarity. Where there is a sense of hopelessness, I offer optimism. Where there is no time left, I offer direction…”

Hi, I’m Kyra Wayne and I am an IT Software Engineer in Infrastructure Foundation Services (IFS). I’ve been with Cisco for two years and am back for Round Two of Cisco Live and during such an exciting year, no less! I love to be surrounded by enthusiastic and passionate people, so you can find me either on a stage presenting a new, innovative idea, consulting teams across Cisco’s Global Infrastructure Services organization in front-end development and design, mentoring new hires that join my team— or, here!

I’m most excited to be back in the action, and to put my creative hat on in an environment in which I thrive! I also hope to reconnect with some of the incredible leaders in IT that attend this event, and most importantly, help my fellow attendees leave happy after having an incredible experience.

Come find me if you want to learn more about innovation at Cisco, and of course, have fun!

Kyra Wayne
Cisco IT Software Engineer
ITRR Screenwriter, Camera Operator, & Audio Technician

Nick Janes makes dreams possible…

“I’m a renaissance man… which allows me to not only personally— but also professionally— make dreams come true. Be it starting a small business, automating a workflow, or winning a championship, I can help!”

My name is Nick Janes, I am a Network Dev/Ops Engineer working on the Data Center Network team in Cisco IT. I have been on this team and at Cisco for about 4 years. Originally from Calgary, AB Canada, I grew up in Raleigh, NC USA. I have many hobbies from sports to media to tech entrepreneurship, and love to learn pretty much about anything.

Personally I am looking forward to getting back to San Diego and Cisco Live in general for so many different reasons. I am looking forward to speaking and networking with the attendees and providing some captivating videos and photos of the event for them to enjoy throughout the week!

Get involved and be BOLD. During a conference when so many perspectives and talented individuals get together, there is so much to learn and so many people to connect with on past and future opportunities. It’s never been a better time to get connected than at Cisco Live in San Diego.

Nick Janes
Cisco IT Network DevOps Engineer
ITRR Video Editor & Music Supervisor

Alex Felker makes storytelling possible…

“I tell stories that don’t normally get told… I can change how we perceive IT, and all of its transformational capabilities.”

Hi, everyone! My name is Alex Felker and I enable IT to tell stories visually through video and graphic design. I play, learn, experiment, and share all of these experiences through various media types. I also enjoy sharing this knowledge with others, and lead several educational efforts throughout Cisco IT.

I’ve recently moved out to Colorado, where the winters can get pretty cold— so not only am I looking forward to capturing the great atmosphere that is Cisco Live, but also to thaw out in the California sun!

We look forward to seeing you in sunny San Diego!

Alex Felker
Cisco IT Multimedia Content Producer
ITRR Lead, Director, & Producer


With Cisco Live around the corner, we’re all starting to feel the excitement and the energy of what’s promised to come! To learn more information about the IT Management Program visit the Cisco Live site! Remember, in order to attend the amazing workshops in store, registration is required.

If you’re reading this and getting a case of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), then know that it’s not too late! Register now before June 7th for $200 off your ticket price, and come join the fun in the sun!

We’ll be seeing you at Cisco Live San Diego!