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Developing Integrations for Business Applications with Cisco UAE

June 17, 2010 - 1 Comment

How often does a business process in your organization come to a stop because something is waiting for an approval? One example of how we have improved a Cisco business process is by integrating applications with unified communications technologies through the Cisco Unified Application Environment.

This Environment helps us to easily write integrations from our enterprise applications into Cisco Unified Communications by using a library of application modules. The modules cover a variety of functions such as the click-to-call links in applications or on web pages, the ability to see a colleague’s presence information, and one-click conferencing

The biggest impact comes from integrating these capabilities into applications that improve our business processes. For example, we have developed a partner deal registration system to accelerate approval of proposed sales deals that are submitted by our channel partners.

We have implemented the Cisco Unified Application Environment on dedicated servers in our data centers, to allow nearby connection to the Cisco Unified Communications Manager servers. From this deployment we have learned that it’s best to consider deploying more servers than what you think you need to assure adequate capacity and to deploy the servers in pairs for redundancy.

We offer access to the Cisco Unified Application Environment as a managed service for our development teams. My team helps the developer groups identify suitable applications and provides development support, while a web portal contains training materials, best practices, and reference architectures.

To bring the value of this integration into your organization, I recommend that you first identify the pain points in your business processes. Then, find the applications that support those processes and look for ways to use the capabilities of unified communications to help those applications and processes work better together.

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  1. Phani,Excellent post. These are the kind of services that can really provide a value add to an IT application portfolio. Thanks for sharing.