In my last blog I talked about the importance of building your personal brand using your WebEx Social Profile and Expertise Tags.  Today I’m going to explain how your Profile and Expertise Tags can play a greater role in crowd sourcing.

To summarize;

  • Crowdsourcing is a “…online, distributed problem-solving and production model” (DAREN C. BRABHAM) or simply put – it’s an effective way to get alot of other people to give me information and answers to something I don’t know.
  • Search works for some things but crowdsourcing is better because you not only glean a broad set of content but opinions, viewpoints and advise from a large group of people you don’t necessarily know or have never met. I call this casting a wider net.
  • Ask a question Post in WebEx Social- at Cisco we use a special kind of WebEx Social Post that matches your content tags with Experts.

To learn more about how Cisco uses WebEx Social internally, visit the Cisco IT Success Story page at http://www.cisco.com/web/about/ciscoitatwork/index.html

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Thanks for listening and stay tuned for my next blog in this series Collaboration is Good Dog Food in May.