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Cisco Data Center 2011: Journey to a Greenfield Data Center

September 9, 2010 - 0 Comments

Like many companies today, Cisco is charting its course to cloud computing while addressing greenhouse gas reductions.  In the next step of our migration strategy, Cisco is building a virtualized, planet-friendly production data center facility in the Dallas, Texas metropolitan area.

The Cisco Data Center 2011-Texas virtual tour offers an online window to look through and watch as we build.  You’ll see us work to solve many common problems that other corporate IT departments are facing today.  We focus on the performance and resiliency needed to keep our services, applications, and data available and meeting SLAs. We’re concerned with business continuity during potential disasters such as the Gulf of Mexico’s hurricane season. And with climate change and the economy in mind, like most CIOs and IT managers, we’re committed to corporate citizenship and cost reduction.

Within the tour, our IT and facilities experts will reveal how we’re architecting a network, building, and business process to solve these problems. To get the big picture, view our Vice President Lance Perry’s introduction, “What If?

We’ve already provided virtual tours of our Richardson, Texas and Bangalore, India data centers. With this new tour, you can watch as Cisco builds a state-of-the-art network using its own products in a brand-new, Gold LEED certified building.

But what makes Cisco Data Center 2011-Texas stand out is how it documents Cisco’s internal IT response to two major shifts occurring in the industry today.

The first shift is what the tour calls Charting Our Course to the Cloud.  According to the August 2010 Computing article, “Analysts Question Enterprise Cloud Readiness,” Forrester reports that only 5 percent of corporate IT shops have made the transition to internal, private clouds.  And although interest is growing, many IT departments are not ready to make that move. In this tour, you have the unique chance to learn from the first, complete production deployment of our internal cloud architecture, Cisco IT Elastic Infrastructure Services (CITEIS).

The second shift is about the increased synergies between teams that manage IT and facilities. One driver behind this trend is the greening of IT.  In 2008, Cisco made a commitment to reduce emissions by 25 percent by 2012.  To meet this challenge, Cisco IT and Workplace Resources (WPR) teams are doing more than working together, as discussed in Collaborative Building Design. We have improved our organizational efficiency and designed a purpose-built facility where use of heat, air, power, and water form a synergistic relationship between the cloud-based network, its building, and the surrounding environment.

Like the convergence of telecommunication and networking services, this integration is a response to environmental pressures and evolving technology.  We hope our use of these new, innovative solutions will provide a useful case study as you work on your own cost control and planet-friendly initiatives.

I invite you to walk along with us and provide feedback as we navigate through these remarkable shifts. You’ll have the opportunity to learn from our internal teams and their experiences as we take these important steps.  And perhaps it may help you prepare for yours.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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