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Cisco IT E2N Initiative with Cisco Prime

The intelligence of the next generation Cisco IT network fabric (called Extended Enterprise Network or E2N) is defined as dynamic, aware, secure, programmable, agile, manageable, automated, and policy-based.  The new network architecture is pervasive, non-segmented, non-fragmented, and non-location specific. Identity is becoming the new corporate perimeter, and network data is becoming big data. As the internet becomes the internet of everything, device proliferation is exploding, and work is becoming not a location, but a human function. Client server architecture has transitioned from a client–server model to an increasingly mobile and cloud based paradigm. And today video is becoming part of the baseline productivity tools – essentially the new audio. New realities are changing the nature of network management, and Cisco IT’s strategic direction is to address them by implementing the Cisco Prime Framework as the foundation of the new network.

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  1. Very interested on seeing more on Cisco Prime, and how it envolves across large organizations. Good article on showing a bit of how it helps managing and securing several devices.

  2. yes i agree on the cloud usage, but how to ensure that confidential corporate data like financial, hr, etc will not leak out?? i read the begineer's guide to cloud virtualization in the blog below, i got an initial understanding, can you provide details to the security side of it?? thanks in advance!