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Cisco IT and World IPv6 Launch – All Systems Go!

Last year on World IPv6 Day, Cisco brought up IPv6 on Alpha for 24-hours. Now on June 6, 2012, Cisco will participate in the World IPv6 Launch with Here are some important points about the upcoming launch:

• During this production launch, Website Operators, Network Operators and Home Router vendors will offer content over IPv6 for their production service (e.g.

• This is a “turn it on, leave it on” event.

• We will advertise an IPv6 DNS record for to make IPv6 permanently accessible to the world.

• 1000+ participating companies are participating in this event.

• Several cross functional Cisco groups participating including IT, Services and Engineering:

This is an important event for Cisco to participate in because it gives us the opportunity to enable our Enterprise with a very important Infrastructure capability as well as learn valuable lessons that can be shared with our peers, customers and internally to Engineering and Services. IPv6 is critical to the Internet’s continued growth as a platform for innovation and economic development.

We have a strong Cisco-on-Cisco message for June 6. Cisco is using many of our own technologies end-to-end for the World IPv6 Launch. Nexus 5k/7k, ASR, GSS, ACE30, Catalyst Switches, ASA and Netflow v9 to name a few.

The ACE30 is a key capability for making IPv6 accessible for the World IPv6 Launch. We’re using the ACE30 to proxy IPv6 user traffic to our IPv4-only web servers.

We’ve been diligently preparing for June 6. Here are the key IPv6 projects allowing Cisco to successfully participate in the World IPv6 Launch:

1. The IPv6 Core Project – Focused on the foundations of our network and deploying the IPv6 core regional tunnel head-ends and dual stacking CAPNet. This means the entire network is ready to support both IPv4 and IPv6 protocols. To-date, major milestones have been achieved including fully enabling IPv6 from Bangalore to San Jose and San Jose to Richardson IPv6 deployment.

2. The IPv6 DMZ Project – (1) Enabled IPv6 in the Richardson DMZ in order to support the World IPv6 Launch on June 6, 2012. (2) Enabled IPv6 for the Core DMZ in San Jose to support the Campus/Branch User internet access. (3) Make all 15 Cisco DMZs (transit and non-transit) IPv6-capable globally in FY12, including San Jose, Amsterdam, Bangalore, Allen, Richardson, Hong Kong, Raleigh, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, Boxborough, Johannesburg, Shanghai, Tel Aviv, and Vancouver.

3. The IPv6 Data Center Project – Ensures all Cisco Data Centers are IPv6 capable. The immediate goal is to ensure the data center in Richardson (Texas), running, is capable to support the World IPv6 Launch.

I’m excited about the great work our team has achieved to get IPv6 launched globally.


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