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Cisco’s Collaborative Community Platform Transforms the Process for Creating Expense Reports

November 18, 2011 - 0 Comments

In many organizations, creating expense reports can be time-consuming and frustrating for employees. Cisco was no exception.  Employee feedback over time and recent usability studies confirmed user dissatisfaction with the process for creating expense reports, especially around usability of the existing tool on the corporate intranet, and the volume of audit and policy violations employees experience during the process.
Cisco’s Finance group looked  for a solution that would integrate with the backend infrastructure, complement the existing expense reporting tool on the corporate intranet (which is used for final approval, and policy and rule validation), and significantly improve the expense report creation experience for employees. The solution came in Cisco’s internal community environment called the Integrated Workforce Experience, or IWE, powered by the Cisco Quad enterprise collaboration platform. In IWE the Finance group launched My Expenses, an application for employees to use when creating their expense reports.

While early in its implementation, My Expenses is already producing impressive results.
For instance, user testing shows that employees can complete an expense report for a typical two-day trip (including hotel, meals, and mileage) in half the time using My Expenses compared to using the existing reporting tool. What’s more, the number of errors incurred during the expense report creation process has dropped substantially.

Learn more about the pre-launch usability testing, functionality, and business benefits of this IWE implementation in the My Expenses Application Transforms User Experience case study.

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