Early mornings, late nights, a lot of coffee (or hot chocolate for some) and even more fun – Cisco Live Melbourne was all that and so much more for us IT Roaming Reporters. On our first day itself, the charm of Melbourne had us head over heels in love. The grand venue by the quiet river with the view of the brilliant skyline was the perfect backdrop for what was unarguably one of the best events we have ever been part of.

With the beginning of Cisco Live, armed with cameras and microphones, we, the IT Roaming Reporters hit the floor! Battling camera shyness and packed schedules, we did our best to talk to our attendees during breaks in-between sessions and capture their experience of our very own IT Management program. Something that we all took away from all these attendee interactions was a clear understanding of their perception of Cisco as a thought leader. And as we worked to get the best shots of speakers on stage, we found that the sessions were delightfully spread across various themes touching upon the newest in tech, tech for good, and even inspiring leadership advice straight from a veteran!

When the day ended for attendees, our editing began! With so much good footage, and such little time, picking what made it to the final video was way tougher than we expected. Powering through midnight, with munchies fueling our fight against sleep, we edited and edited. At the end of each night, we victoriously marched out of the editing room with the highlights video of a brilliant day.

Cisco Live Melbourne was a lot about reporting, but there was also so much more to it. Fun conversations with our leaders and the event organizers, the lit party, MCG’s tour, and our routine goofing around are the bits we catch ourselves thinking of time and again. It’s been a month and we’re still not over it. At the end with heavy hearts, new friendships, promises to return and an experience of a lifetime, we, the IT Roaming Reporters, bid adieu to the Land Down Under.