IT Roaming Reporters Attend Cisco Live in Barcelona

While everyone works tirelessly to build the perfect Cisco Live event, our team, the IT Roaming Reporters, is tasked with a very special opportunity — capture Cisco Live in Barcelona. This great event will be moving next year so we’re making memories in this vibrant city and getting set for an extraordinary adventure. Nerves aside, our team of reporters is buzzing.

With more than 17,000 attendees and 130 sponsors joining our Cisco family, the IT Management program has sold out again. Our esteemed hosts, Colin Seward, Marissa Brown, and Oren Seliger will open the doors to an audience full of shared experiences, a passion for technology, and a sense of excitement as together we stand on the threshold of a new information era.

Our speakers are sharing Cisco’s experiences and best practices around leadership, a more conscious and global workforce, and new technologies that are disrupting the old ways. These themes resonate across industries and we’ve got our mics tuned, our timelines ready, and our cameras focused to document all that this event has to offer.

Now, let’s introduce our reporters: Alex, Ivo, Karolina, Joe, and Sarah. Together, we speak 5 languages, love food, and can’t wait to hear what you have to say. Keep an eye out for the team while you’re there!