Saturday morning wasn’t complete for me as a kid if it didn’t include a bowl of pre-sweetened cereal and time watching cartoons.  Challenge of the Super Friends was my favorite, thanks to its unforgettable opening sequence and the chance to see Superman, Batman and other heroes overcome the latest scheme by the Legion of Doom to take over the world.

One of the Legion’s intriguing villains was Bizarro – the imperfect duplicate of Superman with the blocky white face and backwards S on his chest.  Although the writers didn’t give poor Bizarro much personality beyond bad grammar – “Me have plan destroy Super Friends!” – my friends and I enjoyed debating how his backwards, bad-means-good perspective would express itself in everyday activities.

I’ve got Bizarro on my mind now because in this week’s Data Center Deconstructed I’m looking at the Data Center Infrastructure Efficiency (DCIE) metric, which flips the better-known Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) upside down.  Watch the video below for a look at how DCIE is calculated, its pros and cons, and my (mercifully brief) Bizarro impersonation.