What does the future hold for you and Cisco? What comes to mind when you hear the word “intuitive”? We will ask these and many other intriguing questions at Cisco Live Orlando 2018. Before we tackle these hard-hitting questions, allow us to introduce ourselves. We are the IT Roaming Reporters (ITRR for short). At Cisco Live, we will be interviewing you, creating daily highlight videos, compiling slideshows, and much more. We are so stoked to meet you over the next week in sunny Orlando, Florida. Without further ado, here is a little more about each of us.


Vicky Tran- UX Designer and ITRR Video Editing Lead

“I am a UX Designer at Cisco. I was born and raised in the beautiful Pacific North West and studied Human Centered Design & Engineering (HDCE) at Seattle’s University of Washington.

I love exploring the great outdoors-not to mention capturing it all on camera. My favorite hobbies are playing sports, eating good food, and experiencing completely new activities. Meeting new people and visiting new places brings enjoyment to my life.

I look forward to conversing and interacting with new people at Cisco Live; hearing what everyone at the IT Management Program has to say; and creating wonderful videos with the ITRR team! Can’t wait to be both in front of and behind the camera lens. Enjoy Cisco Live and don’t be shy to jump in front of our cameras for a quick conversation.”


Mr. Adrien Feudjio-IT Engineer, ITRR Camera Operator, and ITRR Social Media Lead

“Hello, Cisconians! I am Mr. Adrien Feudjio, an IT Engineer passionate about connecting salespeople to the most optimized applications in demand. This makes seller’s lives easier during their day-to-day jobs and customer interactions.

I am ecstatic to hear the latest innovative solutions we have for our customers and partners. At Cisco, we hold customers at heart. We believe not only in making their businesses scalable, but also their conference experiences memorable. We do this, of course, by adding our special secret sauce ;). Come to Cisco Live and see the future Cisco is shaping, especially the way we all live, work, play, and learn. I am thrilled to see you reach greater heights in your business goals. Come ready to connect with people and learn about our intuitive solutions for your business.”


Kyra Wayne-IT Software Engineer, ITRR Music Supervisor Lead, and ITRR Social Media Lead

“Hello, my name is Kyra (“Keer-ruh”) Wayne and I’m a software engineer here at Cisco, working on front-end web solutions for our automated storage services. I recently graduated from Santa Clara University in June 2017. At SCU, I studied Web Design/Engineering, Computer Engineering, and Studio Art. I will be celebrating my 1-year Cisco anniversary in July! Aside from my hard work as an engineer, I enjoy making graphic art, painting, and working with animals.

I’m excited to meet with leaders both at Cisco and within the industry; the people that wake up every day to go make the world a more connected place. I’m also intrigued to hear from them in person as they discuss their perception of the future of IT. Lastly, I’m eager to meet with Cisco’s customers firsthand to hear their experiences of how a strong network can enable and enhance their work!

Get pumped for all the amazing breakout sessions and keynotes! Learn firsthand from Cisco’s engineers and guest speakers about new products and the future of IT. When you are ready for a break, don’t forget to engage in the amazing fun events we have in store! Look out, Orlando!

I can share with you my experiences as a Cisco New Hire and how we’re moving into the Software-Defined Networking (SDN) sector…The Network. Intuitive. That’s the whole point of Cisco Live, right?

Follow us on social media and keep in touch! We’re all very excited to meet with you. We also look forward to sharing your experiences with the rest of Cisco and our customers.”


Jack Price- IT Engineer and ITRR Photographer Lead

“I’m Jack Price, an IT Engineer within the 3D-IT department and have been with Cisco for 6 years. Some of my hobbies include magic and karate; I also enjoy writing and recording my own music.

I’m eager and excited to attend my first Cisco Live; see all the excitement around how Cisco is shaping our IT future; and be part of such an enormous event with so many great minds. I’m proud to be involved with the IT Roaming Reporters and provide a fun, entertaining experience for our attendees. I hope you all will make amazing memories and help our industry bring our imaginations to life.”


Dale Taylor- IT Business Analyst, ITRR Screenwriting, and ITRR Audio Technician Lead

“Hello, Everyone! My name is Dale and I have been with Cisco for over a year in the Connected Selling Experience-IT Organization. I’m a Business Analyst in name, but a Communications Lead by trade. Prior to Cisco, I worked as a part-time security guard and U.S. Army Reservist. Both occupations provided insight in how to connect with people, ask the right questions, and find common ground. I enjoy traveling, exercising, and spending quality time with loved ones.

I truly look forward to being an IT Roaming Reporter for the first time. I’m also jazzed to hear and record people’s stories. In Cisco, the innovative experiences we provide are important and so are the stories we use to share them. Please be sure to keep a listening ear and open mind during Cisco Live; you will be pleasantly surprised to hear what Cisco is doing and what happens when dreams become reality. In addition, when you see us roaming the tradeshow floor, feel free to say, ‘Hello’ and strike up a conversation.”


Alex Felker- Multimedia Content Producer for Cisco IT, Cisco Live Project Producer, and IT Roaming Reporter Lead

“Hi, Everyone! My name is Alex and I enable IT to tell stories visually through video and graphic design. I play, learn, experiment, and share all of these experiences through various media types. I’m looking forward to leading this IT Roaming Reporters Team at Cisco Live and capturing the energetic event atmosphere. I enjoy interacting with attendees and learning from them how their IT organization has changed over the years. This year at the IT Management (ITM) Program, we’ve themed the area to be a Floridian park, full of trees, water, and (of course) alligators! Come play some games with us at the ITM Park and let us know how Cisco IT has helped or can assist you on your own digital transformation journey.

We look forward to spending time with you in the beautiful Sunshine State.”